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hi, prasad pooja:
We have implements this behavior, and plan to release a component like this, named XTree, if you need help, please contact us!

[ March 28, 2003: Message edited by: Zhao Fu Qiang ]
19 years ago
JDirChooser provides a tree control to allow a user select a directory.
Allow multiple selection,
built-in two file selection mode,
can pop up dialog or add into custom panel,
custom file view,
file filter,
support file hiding enabled.
About Us
Extreme Component is an Independent Software Vendor and Consultancy.
We specialise in Java based solutions with a focus on JavaBeans and Web Component technologies.
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Extreme Component, Inc.
19 years ago
Try following code:
Runnable runner = new Runnable() {
Object[] newData = search(); remoteStatusLabel.setText("Search Complete [" + newData.length + " results found]");
20 years ago
You create Image object to use, but you should destroy it's resource, you should try java.awt.Image flush method, before you load it next time.
20 years ago
The "setFloatable" method make the toolbar can be drag from it's container into a alone window.
The benefits that you use JToolBar is it can layout it's button, add separator,flat border like Internet Explorer,etc.
It can reduce your many code, and toolbar is used by too many application.
20 years ago
Nathan Pruett is right! Maybe your swing version is low!
20 years ago
Pls look package javax.swing.text
20 years ago
In jdk1.1, you can't do this!
In new jdk1.4, you can do this!
20 years ago
// hope this can help you!
JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser();
chooser.addPropertyChangeListener(new MyChangeListener());
class MyChangeListener implements PropertyChangeListener {

public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent e) {
String name = e.getPropertyName();
if (name.equals(JFileChooser.DIRECTORY_CHANGED_PROPERTY)) {
File dir = (File)e.getNewValue();
((JFileChooser)e.getSource()).setSelectedFile(new File(dir, getCodeFileName()));
20 years ago