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Recent posts by Rajesh Hegde

Great discussion and a great example by Eugene.
The concept of MVC seemed ever-elusive for me to grasp....but with this discusson things are very clear to me. When i get to design UI the next time, i will try to capitalize on the knowledge i gained today.
I think Poseiden UML is pretty cool for modelling and its easy to use also. I just happened to downlown this tool after reading this post, and iam glad to say that i was able to create a class diagram quite comfortably. The interface is very intuitive and i would say that its a very good tool , atleast for UML beginners like me.
Thanks for bring this tool to my notice.
I have had no luck with my job search since Sept 2001. Ever since i lost my IT job as java developer , I worked for a while in an Electronic store ...quit that and now i work as A Customer service person in a Bank. Iam looking for a IT job but nothing so far has brought me ne luck. Iam here in the silicon valley and i think its the most difficult place to find a new gig.
Looking forward for bright days to come back to the valley....
21 years ago
Everybody is clueless in this present job market buddy. As for entry-level jobs, atleast here in US i think its a remote possibility now.
I was wondering how is the job market in India. I heard a lot many companies are hiring now, as much of development work is being out-sourced to India on account of lower cost.
Doing a MS is definetly a good option....if not now in another 2 yrs when the market stabilizes u stand a real good chance.
21 years ago
Hey man,
There is no change in job scene at all for java ppl here in silicon valley. What ppl need now is specific skills ( like specific DB, specific Application server ) with years of experience in a particular domain. There is no demand at all for general web technologies- if u are a web developer like me , only luck and may be some strong contacts can get u a job or a project!
21 years ago
Hi John,
You are frustrated just after a month of job search.....what do say about me then?
I have been looking for a java job since the last 5 months. My company engaged in B2B development shut its doors after Sept 11. I have applied for jobs all over US since then, but i have had no reponse worth mentioning . Infact for java jobs that i have applied , i have none i can say.
Truly the market sucks and it sucks the hope out of you.....wonder when times will change!!
21 years ago
Thanks for your comments. I shall incorportate your above metioned suggestions.
21 years ago
Hi Everybody,
I really wonder when will the job market for Java improve. I have been sending out resumes at the rate of 50 per day on various job boards, but the response is hardly encouraging. I sometimes wonder if my resume is okay or not. I am posting my resume, let me know your thoughts.
4425 Norwalk Drive
San Jose, CA- 95129
Phone: 408-838-7245
* Extensive experience of more than 3 years in design & development of E-COM
and web applications using latest java technologies ,with strong skills in
* Excellent understanding of Java/J2EE,solid development experience with Java
server-side technologies like JSP,Servlets and EJB.
* Strong skills in ORACLE RDBMS including both database design & development.
* Development experience in B2B sector with applications like Ariba
* Mentored team members on Java platform to accelerate project execution.
* Excellent communication skills. Good team player, but can also yield results
working independently.
* Design and Development skills in following languages and technologies:
Java/J2EE with JSP, Servlet, JDBC, EJB
XML, HTML, JavaScript
Weblogic Server
Ariba E-Commerce platform
Oracle 8i,SQL Server 2000
Microsoft .NET, C#
Windows NT/2000,Linux
Permanent Resident (GREEN CARD)
R-CUBE Technologies Sept' 00- Oct '01
Software Engineer
Project: Ariba Marketplace Client: TheSupply Inc [Jan'01 - Oct '01]
* Developed feature enhancements for Ariba Marketplace,which is a web-enabled
interactive marketplace that integrates buyer and suppliers .It is built on
distributed object technology spread across three tiers. HTTP tunnelling handles
client-server communication. Client requests are brokered using Servlet and EJB
* Developed the Blanket purchase Agreement module for the Marketplace that
enables business organisations to trade products over a definite period of
time.This involved database design,coding both the server - side components and the
client UI.
* Responsible for the maintenance and customisation of the Marketplace.
* Developed the Purchase order screens using JSP and java beans .
* Improved the performance of the application by reducing the download
time by 40%.
Environment: Java/J2EE,EJB ,Servlet, JSP,JavaScript,Applet, JDBC ,AWT, Weblogic
4.5,Oracle 8i,SQL, Visual Caf , VSS, Netscape LDAP Server ,Windows NT
Project: Choreographer Client: TheSupply Inc [Sept'00 - Dec'00]
* Worked in a team to develop Choreographer which is an XML based B2B
software that automates exchange of information like purchase order between businesses.
The product is developed using the latest Microsoft .NET platform .
* Developed the Document Translator module using the XML API for .NET and the
ADO.NET API. The module extracts the data from the XML document and updates
the SQL Server database using concepts of Dataset and Transactions in
* Took initiative and active participation in helping team members acquire .NET
Environment: C#, ASP.NET, .NET platform Beta, SQL Server 2000,Biztalk Server
2000, XML, XSL, Visual Studio .NET, VSS, MSMQ, RosettaNet standard .

Srisoft Technologies, India Oct' 98- Sept' 00
Software Engineer
Project: SAI Online ComputerMart Client : SAI Computers [Feb '00- Aug '00]
* Designed and developed an E-Commerce application that enabled the computer
parts vendor to sell its products through the web. The application provided
features to authenticate the users, view online catalog, store selected
products into a virtual cart and generate order.
* Developed the business tier of the application using Enterprise java beans
(EJB) including both session and entity beans. The presentation tier is
developed using a set of servlets that are coupled with the EJBs.
* Mentored team members on Java/J2EE.
Environment: Java, Servlets, EJB , HTML, WebLogic 4.5 , Netscape Enterprise
server ,Oracle
Project: Software Information Server [Sept '99- Jan' 00]
This project used the Mobile agent Technology. It involved getting the
information of the software installed in the different systems in the intranet
using the IBM mobile agents. The project involved dispatching the agents and
displaying the information retrieved by them on the server when queried.The UI
was developed using Java Swing API.
Environment: Java, JDK 1.1, Threads, IBM Aglets Workbench, JNI, C++,JFC Swing.

Project: SriSoft Online Library Client: SriSoft [May '99 - Aug '99]
* Worked in a team to develop an application for automating the employee
library. Developed the client applet that acts as the GUI.The applet will post
requests to the appropriate servlet using HTTP Tunneling. The UI for the
applet was developed using Swing API.
* Developed the Servlet that provides information about available books based
on the search keyword input by the user.
Environment: Java, Java Web server, MS-Access, Windows NT, Servlet ,Applet,
Project: TNM using Unicenter TNG [Nov '98 - Apr '99]
* The Product aims at managing a Telecom network by integrating it with an
enterprise management tool called Unicenter TNG. This tool enables the user to
have a complete view of the IT infrastructure of the company. Using this
product the user can bring his telecom network too under the scope of Unicenter TNG.
* Developed the Event Management module that logs telecom events into the
Unicenter TNG event log.
Environment: C++, Windows NT, Unicenter TNG, SNMP protocol
* BS, Computer Science
* SUN Certified Java Programmer
21 years ago
Can please let me know if Jrun will work on Windows ME?
The requirement says Win NT/98/95/2000 but no mention of ME.So kindly let me know.
My roomate was working in Nucleus earlier. U can contact him at jaikumarbathija@yahoo.com.
22 years ago
Hey John,
I must say that you have a real cool attitude. Nice to know that inspite of this adversity you are thinking of fishing. Thats the way your spirits should be.
Its good that the company is giving you a severance package. In my company where i was laid off last time, we were given one day notice with no severance pay.
Good luck for your job hunt.
[This message has been edited by Rajesh Hegde (edited March 27, 2001).]
22 years ago

In my opinion , that what the HR person meant was for the H1-B consultancy market for java. Yes, the market for java consultancy is down. Its not only java , but even for other skill sets.
Its a low time in US now,but things should look bright in a few months. The consumer confidence is up this month. So ,that should bring some glitter to the worn down market here in US.
22 years ago
Hey john,
Sorry to hear about your job. Buddy, i had warned you in one of my posts that lay offs are rife now. I was on bench for 4 weeks and then got i layed off. Any way John, i am sure u'd land with a great job in a short time. My best wishes to you.
22 years ago
Hi Jeff :
I was in a similar situation like you until last week. I am also in a junior level position and i was laid off 2 weeks back. But then luckily for me ,my previous client took me back on a new contract (but not sure how long it will last). So be positive, as life always springs up pleasant surprises and oppurtunities.
22 years ago
In my opinion , India would be the best bet for you.
22 years ago