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Recent posts by Rich Smyth

Im using Eclipse 3.4.2
On the Source tab of the project properties window, I specifed a mask that excludes the directory.
Is there another way to exclude the directory?
I included, as an attachement, a screen shot showing my project in the package explorer tab.

the project has a subfolder called third_party_lib, which is decorated as an empty package. I would like to see this directory and all its subdirectories decorated with the folder icon. Curiously, the subdirectory third_party_lib/quinn-curtis is decorated as a folder. When I created the log4j folder under the third_party_lib directory (as I did for quinn-curtis) the log4j subdirectory appears as a package, not a folder.

See the attached screen print for a clearer picture.
Thanks for the suggestion. I gave that a try, but it does not seem to make a difference.

I have a subdirectory of my java project that I want to use to hold resources that are not java code.
How do I get this subdirectory to appear in the Package Explorer as a folder instead of as a java package.
I want my resource folder to be decorated with the folder icon instead of the java package icon.

When I use the New/Folder option of the package explorer context menu, the new subdirectory is decorated as a
java package, not as a folder. Choosing New/Folder seems to have the same effect as new/Package.


How did you set the ui default?

I was under the impression that the code above is all that's required to force my custom class to be used by my L&F. Since it does not work I've
obviously missed something.
17 years ago
I created a class that extends WindowsComboBoxUI. I want to set up my L&F (an extension of the Windows L&F) to use this UI.

I've set the UIManager defaults so that "ComboBoxUI" maps to "myProject.myComboBoxUI" and "myProject.myComboBoxUI" maps to Class.forName("myProject.myComboBoxUI").

After calling UIManger.setLookAndFeel("myProject.MyLookAndFeel") my
custom class is not being used to paint my comboboxes: myComboBox.getUI()
returns an instance of WindowsComboBoxUI.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

17 years ago
My PopupMenuListener is not working as I expected. The code I placed
in popupMenuCanceled() is not called when I use the escape key to close
the popup nor is it called when I click outside the popup to close it.
When does this method get called? The documentation states that the
method is called when the menu is 'cancelled' (without explaining what
cancelled means).

I'm using 1.5 on XP.

Thanks for any clues

19 years ago
File f = new File("");
File [] files = {f};

is one way to reset the selected file(s). When I had the same problem setting to null did not help.

[ July 20, 2004: Message edited by: Rich Smyth ]
19 years ago

Thank you for the lucid explanation. Your recommendation does the trick.
BTW, in the overriding paintComponent() method I'm sure you meant
super.paintComponent(), not super.paint().

thanks again,

19 years ago
I have added a JPanel to a JPanel. The JPanel 'on top' has a tooltip.
If the tooltip is displayed such that the tooltip window is completely within the bounds of the 'upper' JPanel, the area occupied by the tooltip window is not repainted when the tooltip disapears. Can anybody explain why?

The code below demonstrates the problem.

If you run the code: display the tooltip over the grey JPanel. If the tooltip window does not overlap the white JPanel, the repainting
does not occur. If the tooltip touches the white JPanel everything is

[ July 18, 2004: Message edited by: Rich Smyth ]
19 years ago
I found out that there is a way to display the java console when running JWS. The console informs me that a I have a class missing. I included the
missing jar in my jnlp file. Now my application is up and running.

20 years ago
I made some progress.
Looks like my firewall was interferring with the download(?).

When I shut down the firewall, JWS doesn't freeze anymore during the download. Now JWS starts up, and displays the splash with status messages.
When the splash screen disapears, nothing else happens: my application is not launched. No sign of errors in the log (is there somewhere else to look?) Has anybody else run into this same situation?

The application runs ok when I don't use JWS.

[ June 04, 2004: Message edited by: Rich Smyth ]
20 years ago
When JWS is launched from my web page I get the JWS splash screen with my jnlp information displayed and the status message saying "Validating app_classes.jar from localhost". But nothing happens after that. Everything
just seems to freeze.

Can somebody explain to me what is happening or where I might look to find more information? I can't find a reference to any error.

My JNLP is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf8"?>
<jnlp spec="1.0+"
<j2se version="1.4"/>
<jar href="app_classes.jar"/>
<application-desc main-class="imageIndexer.TestIndexer"/>

thanks for any tips,

20 years ago
I think the <logic : messagesPresent> tag might be very well suited to your

<logic : messagesPresent >
Anything you want to do if there are errors.
</logic : messagesPresent>
20 years ago
My mistake was to focus on the log file in Tomcat's logs directory.
I am experiementing with (learning) log4j, and in so doing, some log information was ending up in the root Category (because of an incomplete file). I found the information I was looking for in a separate log file specified in the file and was able to solve my problem.
You can always find what you need once you know where to look.
20 years ago