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Recent posts by Pasquale Bonito

I tried it as well, and I didn't catch any exception since directory c:\x exists and path is normalized deleting ../y before looking at the real path.

I agree thta if the path does not exists on filesystem you hava an exceptio.
8 years ago
The question is not about if that methods throws Exception or not but if it throws Exception in a specific case.

What happens if you create a dir "x" with no child under c:\ and than run a program with this line of code ? System.out.println(Paths.get("c:/x/z/..").toRealPath());
8 years ago
I looked at javadoc as well and it's clear thatt .. removes previous dir. It seems that the exercise in Sierra/Bates is wrong.

8 years ago
Hi all,
I saw this test in Sierra/Bates study guide:

Having a directory x under c: drive what is the result of System.out.println(Paths.get("c:/x/z/..").toRealPath()); ?

I answered c:\x but according to the solution this is wrong. Correct solution should be: throws NoSuchFileException. The toRealPath() function actually looks at the filesystem. Since there is no directory named z an exception is thrown.

I thought that path was normalized removing directory z, but according the solution this should not be done.

However If i try

the output is C:\Users\BONPAS00\Documents.

So I don't underdsand the exact behavior.

8 years ago