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If the String (key) is what your referring to as a "topic" then update your data structure from a Map to a Multimap so you can have multiple values to a single key.
5 years ago
Have you updated the DB appropriately? Ie removed the PK from the old column and updated it with the new?

Does there error happen on start up or when you attempt an update?

Getter/setter should make a difference but it's best practice to have the id as the first field in the class.
Post your SQL so we can see how your table is designed. Beyond that, the snippet doesn't make a ton of sense. The object is never persisted but even if it was, your redefining it three times?
Congrats Ria!

I took the OCA JP7 and unfortunately walked away with only a 55%.

This was after reading and noting Oracles Java Trail as well as a successfully completing a preparation course by Transcender. There were only two exams offered in the preparation course and 180 total questions. I scored a 73% after completing the Java Trail and Transcender flash cards and a 91% after completing the full course from Transcender.

I'll be using your approach for my next attempt!



6 years ago