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Hello all,

Today I passed the OCEJWCD exam with a score of 94%

I have nothing special to say about it but just to share with you my hapiness and to say thanks to:
- Kathy and co. for their amazing (and funny) book: Head First Servlets and JSP
- Piotr Nowicki for his hard work on making his exam simulator the most accurate possible to help you win this exam
- Enthuware exam simulation studio team for such an amazing software ;)

As you can see, the above are the studying materials I used to pass. For those of you who are wishing to take and pass this exam, please refer to these and keep on practicing.
This exam requires a lot of memorizing so make yourself really ready, that you can finish a mock exam in less than 1 hour with a score of above 80% before attending the test center.

Good luck!