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Recent posts by Suhasini Na

Kaleem Anwar wrote:

Lastly, I just want to thank all the ranchers who are contributing to this forum and helping others on the way to success.I would like to make a special thanks to Roel and Suhasini for their help.

Stay blessed. Happy New Year and Good Luck to all!!

Congratulations Kaleem on this success.. Great score really. Wish you also a happy new year 2016.
Im glad that my notes were helpful to you.

With Regards
5 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:Did you save the changes? Because I can't find your name on the wall and the last edited date seems to be in October

Yes, I had forgotten to save the changes and I did it today.
5 years ago
For me I booked the exam on the 22nd day. I used 3 days for a single mock exam and had plans to postpone the exam incase I cannot pass the exams. However it worked out fine and I passed the exam on the 22nd day.
I took the mock exam on the 1st day. Reviewed the answers and made my notes on the 2nd day and finally re-reviewed all the past tests the 3rd day. Repeat this all over again.. Worked out very effective for me.

Good luck with yours as well.
Congratulations Bindu..
6 years ago
Yes that worked like a charm.. Thank you.
6 years ago
Here are the screenshots that happens when I try to submit the login forms.

I am not sure what is wrong. I neither get a message nor can I login. Which browser should I use? I tried with both IE and Chrome.
6 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:
Don't forget to add your name to the OcajpWallOfFame!

I tried to add to the WallofFame. But I could not since it is asking for my login credentials. I entered the same but it does not go further. Can you help me here?
6 years ago
Hi Amit,

I also faced the same problem as you. You can go through my test experience It might be helpful.
There are many who got low scores in the mock tests and that is the way to tell you that you are not prepared yet. It saves money and makes you a stronger test-taker + programmer.

Good luck...!

Thank You Roel. Can you tell me if I can register and take OCPJP 8 directly or should I have passed OCAJP8 to take it?
6 years ago

I passed the OCAJP after taking it a 2nd time with 81 %. The first time I failed by scoring only 53 %. But 2 months later after working more harder, I passed.

Here is how I did it:
I read the following books
1. OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates
2. OCAJP SE 7 study guide by Mala Gupta

After practicing all the code samples from the books, I took the Enthuware mock exams. Before my first attempt of the exam my scores were as follows:
  • Starter test - 39%
  • Test 1 - 54%
  • Test 2 - 55%
  • Test 3 -61 %
  • Test 4 - 53%
  • Test 5 -55%
  • Test 6 -53 %
  • Last Day Test - 53 %

  • I got very depressed by failing the exam. I took a personal break for a month from studying for the exam.

    Then I restarted by re-reading both the books and this time I understood the concepts more better. I took self tests from both the books 4 times. I revised the notes from each chapter 4 times.
    I took the mock exams from the K & B CD and here are my scores
  • Mock exam 1 from CD - 82%
  • Mock exam 2 from CD - 50%

  • I then retook all the Enthuware mock exams and although I remembered the questions partly I was able to score better as follows:
  • Starter test - 95%
  • Test 1 -71%
  • Test 2 -74%
  • Test 3 - 73%
  • Test 4 - 74%
  • Test 5 - 69 %
  • Test 6 - 66 %
  • Last Day Test - 77%

  • This forum helped me a lot. Fellow ranchers like Prathima Gaithonde, Sharmili Rameshbabu and Dasa Beg motivated me. I got the motivation to retake after reading their experiences and how they passed it.
    Also, after taking Enthuware mock exams, I typed the notes from the questions (both correct and wrong) into a document, printed and revised them during lunch or other periods. This helped me the most during the exam as many questions were similar and I was able to apply the concepts accordingly. I took objective wise tests the day before the exam so that helped me revise some topic-wise questions.
    This has been a long journey as I did not have any background in Java (but I do have .net programming experience) and was my 1st certification exam to pass.

    I look forward to studying and taking the OCPJP exam next.
    Really thanks to all members on this forum and especially to Roel De Nijs who is there for us for all our questions.

    6 years ago
    Thank you for all your replies and suggestions. I have finally passed the OCAJP exam with 81 %.
    Yes, I have retaken all the tests and the scores mentioned above are 1st time scores. The scores have averaged around 90% in all the retests. Yes I went through all the questions by writing down notes of the wrong questions and have also tackled them using the Leitner mode. I did try out the code of many questions that were tricky.

    I passed
  • Most Missed test - with a score of 86%
  • and
  • Very tough test with a score of 93%
  • .
    I feel that is why I have got 75% on the OCA mock exam 1 now (which is the trickiest of all tests in my opinion).

    I have exam scheduled for next week now. But I am not sure how I can gauge my progress without taking more mock exams. Kindly let me know.

    Do anybody have experience with myexamcloud mock exams mentioned here:


    I have been studying for the OCAJP exam from past couple of months. I have gone through and read the following books:
  • OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide- Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates
  • OCAJP SE 7 - Mala Gupta study guide

  • I have also taken Enthuware mock exams and given below are my scores:
  • Test 1 - 71 %
  • Test 2 - 74 %
  • Test 3 - 73 %
  • Test 4 - 67 %
  • Test 5 - 69 %
  • Test 6 - 66 %

  • I have also attempted the 1st mock exam provided in the Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates study guide CD.
  • The score I have received is 75%.

  • My plan is to take the 2nd mock exam provided in the CD as well as the final Enthuware exam this weekend and take the exam next week (around 22 or 23rd).

    I need suggestions if I anybody have passed exams with these scores. Because as mentioned in other posts the if I get 80% in the mock exams then I am sure to pass. But I am lying around 60s..70s..
    Also I am running out of mock exams. So need suggestions before I take the last 2.

    Kindly let me know.
    Congratulations ..!! It is indeed exciting.