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Recent posts by zent Zent

Hello Rajeev Rnair,

Would it be possible to contact you through email? I have some questions about preparing for Java certifications.

Thank you
2 years ago

Thank you, I will fix that!
5 years ago

Thank you, that makes it very clear!!
5 years ago
Thank you for your time!

I have a Hashmap that has keys of of type Account (custom class) and the values are strings. The Account class has the following private variables:
1) name (String type)
2) account number (String type)
3) balance (type double).

Following are the files:

My Question:

When I ran this program, I expected the output to be:

A, 142463, 677489

but, I am getting the following output:

A 14243 46778.0

My understanding was that when a duplicate key is added (as defined in the equals() method) to a hash map, it replaces the old (key,value) pair.

I then recreated the old Account object and tried to get its key value. The output was as below:

A 14243 46778.0
Value for Account c = 23

That is, its keeping the old key (A 14243 46778.0), but replacing its previous value (444) with the value of the newly added Account (23).

Also, when I check for "444" in the map, I am no longer able to obtain the corresponding key as it has been replaced with 23.

I would be grateful in any help in fixing this issue.

Thank you!"
5 years ago