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Recent posts by Les Morgan

I only give 3 to 5 jobs and tell them further experience available upon request.
1 week ago

It is very simple: if you have more than 2 pages you are either too old (senior) to be viable asset to the company (which is age discrimination in the US and illegal) or you cannot hold a job, which, if the case, you are a poor risk to any company.


Monica Shiralkar wrote:

Tim Holloway wrote: really don't want to hire anyone old enough to have more than 2 pages anyway.

What is the reason why they do not prefer resumes more than 2 page long?

1 week ago

I used to really like Java, until Oracle decided to make it into C# and run for an MS twin.  I am more and more thinking, and this is probably because I'm in a MS shop and near retirement, that Java, the new versions, are just not worth trying to keep up with when I already know a perfectly good C# and use it in my daily development effort.  Why should I learn, or try to mutate and keep up with, Oracle C#?  (they still call it Java, but it's more C# like now that C# was ever Java like)


Luke Moloney wrote:good thoughts all .

Totally agree Les,

the language is just another hammer

like you say and they are all pretty similar really.

2 weeks ago

the language is just another hammer... they all have the same basic functionality... but the concept of how that functionality is applied is the real training.  i have always went through languages like a fish in water: originally it was Basic, and then Assembler.  I have since done about every major language and script that has flashed across the pan, with even some digression into machine code at one time (actually numbers and not the nice Assembler syntax).  Along the way it has always been how to apply the overall programming paradigm that brings the sweat to the brow.

pick a language that is popular in your area, and see how it fits.

2 weeks ago
sal iba,

what don't you understand?  basically, this is not a homework site.  if you need help to understand something, then ask a question--a specific question that will help you.  Nobody is going to do your homework for you.

2 weeks ago
The best I have seen to date is exactly what your employer standards call for and for who you intend for your audience.
2 weeks ago
I go with this general rule of thumb: What does your employer want you to do?  Do that.

In your case, learn how to do both.
3 weeks ago

Stefan Ivanov wrote:Maybe I should stop doing the tests so much and study another way?

You are not getting what you need from the materials you are studying: I'd definitely say change.
After studying for 5 months there is one of 2 things wrong:

1 -- the practice exams suck because they are not suited to how you learn or worded how you remember.
2 -- you just don't have it in you.

I would look more at #1 than #2.  Make a list of the questions you are missing answers for and only study those for a while: do not go back and take the tests as a study aid during this time.  Make your own practice programs to solidify the answers you have been missing, then go back and take the practice tests again.  If you still score low, get different tests.  If you still are very low, I hate to say it, but then you have to do a self evaluation and see if you just don't understand or what.


BTW: When I was learning Electronics, we came up on current flow in P-material.  Everyone explained it as hole flow.  That didn't make any sense to me.  Try as they might, I never could see it and I sucked in Electronics until one day an instructor said: "hole effect" and explained what that was--the lack of an electron on a molecule which is left from the electron flowing.  Ahhhh, the light came on and the world opened up.  Sometimes that is all it takes is the right explanation.

this type of things i usually put under "how clever are you?"  you have to build a state diagram for what you want to consider and check for overlapping areas and choose which you will give preference to, then build a small state machine into your icon object for your character--depending on how you are handling that it could be for your character itself, but then that is up to you and "how clever you are".

so if i have 4 different states i want to represent, then i have to make 4 different ways of updating the icon, that could be as simple as changing the intensity of the icon, or xor-ing a pattern for each state through the icon or maybe 4 different icons--that is up to you also.

So once you have the 4, arbitrary number i chose here, states that you want to represent, then you need to build a state machine, my chosen way to implement clearly defined states aka defining conditions.  that would be done with a "case statement" or a series of "if then else statements", once again--how clever are you?

now comes the twist of things: do you want your defining condition to be mutually exclusive in their representation or do you perhaps want then to overlap?  So you have 4 states, does that mean you have 4 different things to represent? State 0, 1, 2, 3 or does that mean that you want then to be able to simultaneously express--that would be a binary flag with 4 positions or a singe hex digit--0 through F?  in the later case you need to have some "or operations" to express the changes that will undergo with the icon.  so you could be something like on-line, male, has sound, has video... all combinations of those selections offer 16 different states--4 bits of a binary flag aka 1 hex digit.

the mechanics of what you do to make those representations is up to you--i tend to, in the case the the binary flag (simultaneous representations of states), to have separate and distinct operations that will uniquely modify the icon--the image portion of it--and then incorporate that into the game (pass it to your player character object).

so i've given you somethings to thinks about, the reason i call this "how clever are you" is that there are multiple ways of doing the same things--it depends on what you want and what you see.  design has an artistic element that is merged with engineering and there is where "how clever are you" is born.

So--what do you want to do, and "how clever are you"?

1 month ago
I use JKD 8, I am not a fan of publish a new version just because, and I've seen the result in MS and many other companies that follow that line of thinking... relaxed security and more bugs and missed features.  I do not see that Oracle is any different with their Flag Ship products or Java.
1 month ago
Pale Gray,

The problem you have is that your g.drawImage  wants player to be in image like a BufferedImage, which in my opinion is the easiest to use.  Your texture is not am Image.  If you want to make a factory or a method that returns an Image (BufferedImage is my recomendation), then you'll be able to get the drawImage to work.  

I type into Word.
If the presenter is going too fast, I make them wait and slow down.
I have recorded on occasions where that feature is reliable.
for anything written on a White Board etc... take a picture, it is full detail and much better to read later.

I have 30 years as a programmer... this works, people will slow down to make sure things are accurate.  Don't be afraid to ask questions if you miss something.
1 month ago
your problem is not a new one, but rather and old one: by convention is was decided that dates that come in a 2 digit format would be converted to 1900 if they could be doubles--1920 and 2020--the 1920 would be taken instead.  To fix your problem you have a options... add 100's years to the appropriate ones, change the text date to 4 digit year, or if your database supports it there may a switch to say default to 20xx format.  Yours is being converted in Java for your first 2 are the more viable options.
1 month ago

I would think the fist thing you need to figure out is:  how do you want to model the outliers for your hourglass patter?  if you look at (n, 1) you see that the hourglass would not fit in the matrix, as is true on all (k, n) entries in the array.  How do you handle them?  do you assume a spherical world and count from the far side of the matrix, or do you make special scanning for them, or do you just exclude them?

This is a problem whenever you try to overlay scanning patterns onto a flat sample set.

1 month ago