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Hi All:
I reported several months ago, but the error does not disappear (and I cannot find my old posting).
So, here details again:

This page: https://coderanch.com/forums

Gives me stack trace (see attached screenshot) after a delay

No stack trace on other pages.

It's does not annoy me too much, I am fine with that, but thought you might be interested.

Maybe it relates somehow to settings in my profile or cookies, if nobody else does not see it.

[EDIT] Found, this was original note: https://coderanch.com/t/707357/stack-trace-web-browser
Feel free to delete this thread as duplicate, or move the message to that thread...
1 month ago

Sunny Mital wrote:Hi Can you please share the book you refer while preparing for the exam?

No books exist for this exam,
as far as I understand test creators mostly used Java EE tutorial and specifications (JSRs).
1 month ago

You are not allowed any document/book/specification during exam.

Only blank plastic board and marker, which you return when you're done.

2 months ago

Viorel Contu wrote:Hello everyone! I have just upgraded to OCP Java SE 11.
My Java certification path went through 1Z0-808 (97%)  -> 1Z0-809 (82%) -> 1Z0-817 (88%)


And most important, read everything Mikalai Zaikin has written about 1Z0-817 exam

Congratulations, Viorel !      

Glad to know my Java 11 Upgrade Guide helped !  

Henriette Müller wrote:How many questions has this exam?

IIRC, 70 questions.
2 months ago
Congratulations !    

Did you take mandatory training from Oracle ?

Alberto Ibarra wrote:Hi, congrats!!!

I'm going to take the same exam later this month.
Witch book do you recommend? is the course provided by oracle worth it?


Check the free study notes for 1Z0-817, the link in my signature.

1Z0-815 exam has a new topic about Modules: Understanding Modules

You can check my free study guide for 1Z0-817 which also covers this objective: http://java.boot.by/ocpjd11-upgrade-guide/

[UPD] You will find in my guide detailed description of this 1Z0-815 topic too: Use local variable type inference

Congratulation Chelios !

You must be the first here who taken 1Z0-817 :-)
Congratuations, Dmitry !

Great score !  
3 months ago
Great score! Congratulations !  
3 months ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:I hope it is not a mistake in their FAQ because there was no OCA 6.

LOL, I also thought there was no OCA 6, but in fact it was:

Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 5/SE 6 1Z0-850 Java SE 5 and 6, Certified Associate

(discontinued a year ago, btw)
Hi Scott !
I wonder what sort of questions were about Modules topic.
Are they only technical ones, with code snippets?
Because there is one objective "Describe the Modular JDK" - seems it's more theoretical.
check which user runs WAS process in OS
run "crontab -l" as that user
inspect if WAS stopped by cron
4 months ago