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Hi Adam,

Could you share URL for accompanying source code?

Amazon in preview tells it hosted at GitHub, but no active link.

1 month ago
Not sure if this related to that I took exam in the office... I got a very unusual badge -- "Oracle PartnerNetwork Certified Specialist"
I requested if I can have more traditional "Java 11 Developer..." Will see what they tell...

Scott Selikoff wrote: The deal breaker for me was lack of scratch paper...  For example, there are questions on some exams with multiple loops and streams, and the inability to track the current state of a variable would be really tough.  

They provide some Whiteboard Application, the button to launch it will be always on your screen during the test.
I needed scratch paper only once during my exam, but managed to solve it in brains, and did not launch the application.
It should look like this: https://india.pearsonvue.com/Documents/Technical-specifications/Online-Proctored/online-proctored-whiteboard-overview.aspx


Scott Selikoff wrote: Not sure about the four wall rule.. what if you're taking it in a kitchen or living room, where it might connect to other rooms.  Sounds like you almost need to be in a bedroom ... or closet!

I believe the room must be with 4 walls (i.e. no open space at work 8-)))) and have a door.
Well, maybe they will allow in studio apartments, but I would not risk... Remember, they want to move camera inside the room to show all walls and desk from all sides.
And yes, I preferred to lock the door from inside to avoid someone accidentally entering 8-)))


Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Youa re the first person I know who took the home/office test. Can you share what it was like? (The experience, not the questions)

Hi Jeanne,

It looked like that: When I registered (a week before test) I picked radio button "take in office/at home".
Then pre-check of hardware was proposed (I registered from MacBook and it already has what needed -- built in web camera and mic).
I passed mic test and camera test, but internet connection speed failed. It tries to download dummy file from Amazon AWS and my provider has bad connection to these servers.
Then I stopped registration.
Next attempt done same day at office meeting room.
The room for test must have a door (no open space 8-), no computers and monitors must be nearby, etc.. There is a FAQ at Pearson web site.
So, I passed hardware pre-test and speed test for my laptop and internet.
Then it proposed to download me Vue application and run it. It checks no other programs running in parallel. Detects pretty well, I missed to close Finder and it proposed me to close it. After all applications closed it proceeds.
Next I was asked to take a photo (via web cam) of my face, my ID (passport), and 4 walls around me.
That was on the registration day.

On the exam day I closed door from inside (because if someone accidentally enters the room and it detected -- automatic failure), logged in 30 mins in advance, and procedure was repeated:
Started Vue application.
Took photo of face, ID, and 4 pictures of 4 walls around me.
On the screen appears small window which shows recording from your camera. It's a sign all is good and you have compatible hardware.
Then web chat opened and some Vue person started guiding me:
Checked my registration information, then I had to take laptop in my hands and point web camera to all walls and desk (I had to disconnect charger cable for this)
Then take off badge and place on the floor (all showing via web camera)
Then show in details what on the desk. I had some speakerphone device, and it was OK.
Then show close to camera my hands from both sides and I took off watches (also not allowed).
Then the Vue person approves and I can proceed to exam -- all as usual.
The unusual parts:
- all the time there is a window with 4 areas (open chat with Vue person, application for making notes -- I have not used it, window which shows your face with recording, something else.)
- the system (machine) constantly monitors your face and in case it cannot recognize you -- it alarms to Vue person. For example -- I covered my mouth with hand, and it was reported and I got a warning in opened chat not to do this. Scratched my nose and ears couple of times -- but seems it was OK 8)))

So, it differs from traditional test center -- you should sit more quiet, your face must be all the time in the visible area for the web camera and not cover face with hands. AS I said -- they use some computer face recognition software during whole exam.
Once I was done I clicked End and closed the application. Results are available after a while via CertView web site.
Exam lasts 180 mins, 80 questions. It took me 120 mins to answer and 30 mins to review answers.

James H Smith wrote:Congratulations, Mikalai! Since you passed with a very good score, I was wondering how you went about studying for the 1Z0-817 given there aren't many resources out there yet for the Java SE 11 Programmer II exam?

Hi James,

1Z0-817 exam has not many topics which are different from Java 8 exam. You can read articles and JLS 11 for new features -- modules. Private methods in interface and variable inference -- pretty straightforward.

As for Java 8 -- there is a lot of books/guides. They are pretty well covered. I feel the bigger part of exam (50% or more) were related to Streams (object and primitives) and Functional Interfaces. Most of intermediate operations are a must to know (which are well covered in my Java 8 or Java 11 guide)

I also used my own Java 11 Quiz which is 90% covers all topics. 8)) It's not finished so I am not ready to provide it.

Hi All:

Passed 1Z0-817 exam today!

Not a perfect score, and I noticed some ambiguities which I reported to Oracle.

As preparation I used my own guide and JavaDocs 8-)

It was the first time I took exam not at authorized testing center, but in the office -- used new feature from Pearson VUE : proctored exam (proctor controls you through web camera during whole test)

Good luck to everyone,

Harsha, there were no study guides specifically for upgrade exams, IIRC.
If you wish a guide specifically for an exam, there will be 1Z0-815 or 1Z0-816 books from Jeanne (but not for 1Z0-817)
Welcome Nicolai !
Great to see you here !
I am sure your book is a very valuable source for those who want to learn Java modules better.
3 months ago

Harsha kumar Reddy wrote:

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:

Alberto Ibarra wrote:Hi, congrats!!!

I'm going to take the same exam later this month.
Witch book do you recommend? is the course provided by oracle worth it?


Check the free study notes for 1Z0-817, the link in my signature.

Hi Milalai,

I am OCP SE 6.  I studied your upgrade to OCP 7 and Upgrade to OCP 8 notes . If i read your notes for IZ0-817 is it enough to pass

Harsha Kumar S

Hi Harsha,

For some reason I thought your question was addressed to me, although you asked "Milalai" for advice.

I would recommend you to use some other study sources, for example, Code Ranch runs promotion now for "The Java Module System" book by Nicolai Parlog https://coderanch.com/t/715738/java/Nicolai-Parlog

Best regards,
Mikalai Zaikin
Hi All:
I reported several months ago, but the error does not disappear (and I cannot find my old posting).
So, here details again:

This page: https://coderanch.com/forums

Gives me stack trace (see attached screenshot) after a delay

No stack trace on other pages.

It's does not annoy me too much, I am fine with that, but thought you might be interested.

Maybe it relates somehow to settings in my profile or cookies, if nobody else does not see it.

[EDIT] Found, this was original note: https://coderanch.com/t/707357/stack-trace-web-browser
Feel free to delete this thread as duplicate, or move the message to that thread...
6 months ago

Sunny Mital wrote:Hi Can you please share the book you refer while preparing for the exam?

No books exist for this exam,
as far as I understand test creators mostly used Java EE tutorial and specifications (JSRs).
6 months ago