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Joao Pereira wrote:Thanks for the clarifications

Good luck!
You will be redirected to another Oracle portal where you can browse your exam history, download e-certificate, and share results on social networks, or via email (to your employer for example)
I believe you do not need Pearson VUE account, just Oracle SSO ID.
Please check this page https://education.oracle.com/oracle-exam-prep

Specifically "Pre-exam System check" section

Spoiler: you will need to install LockDown web browser
Yes, I agree, more accurately to say the compiler decided from the context if this is an expression or statement.

As I said in my first posting -- switch expression is always right-hand side (RHS) member.

Dave Malcolm wrote:I'm only relating what it says in the (very confusing then) book on P117 in the section on switch expressions.

So the -> can be used in ordinary switch statements then can it?

You're fully right.

Let me summarize so you understand better:

1) Syntax may be an arrow ("new" one ->) or traditional (colon :)
2) A switch can be an expression or a statement (it can be decided by the compiler by looking if the case block returns anything)

These are orthogonal, and totally there could be 4 combinations:
1) switch expression with arrow syntax
2) switch statement with arrow syntax
3) switch expression with colon syntax
4) switch statement with colon syntax

Some authors or articles make the impression that arrow syntax is only for switch expressions, but it's not true (see above 4 combinations)

Just 2 cents to add to Stephan's answer:

The constraint for switch expression, when for any input value it must return a value OR throw an expression, is called exhaustiveness.  More details here.

The assignment is not optional for switch expression (i.e. when you return something from case blocks), switch expression always must be on the right side of the assignment.

Best regards,
I have fixed the Java Wall of Fame page -- there is the Java 17 table there now.
2 weeks ago
Please check this page (spoiler: Linux not supported): https://education.oracle.com/oracle-exam-prep
I doubt you will be allowed to hide part of your ID or wear a hat (and I doubt you will be allowed to do this when you need to be identified, e.g. when crossing the country border)
If you are not comfortable providing your personal information to the proctor you have the option not to take the test.
But as Tim suggested, better to check with Oracle directly.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Roxana Pat wrote:. . . I got 80%!!! Yes, I passed it!! . . .

Congratulations; please post more details here. And well done, Oracle, allowing RP to resit with no penalty.

Sorry for off-topic, but I see on that page that people post Java 17 exam experience in the table for Java 11.
Perhaps some new table should be started for Java 17 ?
Please use the Programmer Certification forum to post your own question. See OCP 8 FAQ for the Java 11 exam.


Where can I find the official Certification information from Oracle?
Oracle certification

What are the OCP objectives?
Objectives are the goals for the exam to prepare you on certain topics. You can think of objectives as Syllabus of the exam. Click "Review Exam Topics" on this page to see the objectives
  • Java SE 17 Developer

  • How does the Java 17 exam differ from the Java 11 (819) exam?
    Java 17 OCP 829 vs Java 11 OCP 819 objectives mapping

    What are the upgrade exams?

    There are not currently any upgrade exams for Java 17. For now (at least), the same exam is for people new to the cert and those upgrading from an earlier one.

    What books are available to prepare for the exam?

  • Scott and Jeanne's OCP 17 book is available
  • OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer (Exam 1Z0-829) Programmer's Guide by Khalid Mughal and Vasily Strelnikov

  • What videos are available to prepare for the exam?

  • Java SE 17 Developer (1Z0-829) by Simon Roberts:
    - Available from O'Reilly at: https://learning.oreilly.com/videos/java-se-17/9780138194796/
    - And from InformIT at: https://www.informit.com/store/java-se-17-developer-1z0-829-video-course-9780138194871
  • Oracle offers web-based training for its subscribers, two courses are available here: https://mylearn.oracle.com/ou/learning-path/java-se-17-developer/99487

  • What live training classes are available to prepare for the exam?

  • Java SE 17 Developer (1Z0-829) Crash Course by Simon Roberts.
    - This is a live web-based class with quizzes, and extensive opportunity to ask questions.
    - It doesn't cover every topic, but focuses on those that most commonly cause candidates difficulties.
    - It runs at intervals, and can be found by searching the O'Reilly site like this: https://learning.oreilly.com/search/?q=Simon%20Roberts%201z0-829%20crash%20course&type=*

  • What are some mock exams available?

  • Enthuware's mock exams
  • are out

    Where can I find the Java Language Specification?

  • JavaDoc

  • Where can I find the Java API documentation?

  • Java 17 JavaDoc

  • Where can I find preparation notes?
    The OCP 17 objectives were announced in early November 2021. Notes will be posted as they are made available

    Are there supporting courses for preparing the exam?

  • Jeanne gave a one day class on topics on the exam. This was written before the objectives were released. Jeanne guessed well and it matches the objectives nicely. While it does not prepare you for the exam, you might find the material useful for practicing specific concepts.

  • Can I bring something to write on?

    You cannot bring anything with you into the testing room. You will be provided with something to write on and something to write with. This varies by testing center, but often it is a small erasable white board and a marker. You cannot take anything with you from the testing room when you leave.

    If you have any doubts or concerns about this policy, please verify with your testing center before appearing for the exam.

    How important are the scores?

    Scores are not displayed on certificates (passing is passing), but scores can look impressive on resumes.

    If I fail, can I take the exam again?
    Yes, but you will need to pay again and wait at least 14 days. See Oracle's retake policy for more details

    How long will my certification last before expiring?
    Certifications do not expire. However, they target a specific version of Java. Your Java 1.4 certification probably doesn't look so impressive these days.

    Where can I find information about OCP testing outside of the U.S.?
    Go through the process of signing up for an exam. You can see the available exam locations and availability before being prompted to pay. This will allow you to see where exam centers are in your country.

    What is the pattern of the expiration date on the exam voucher?
    The pattern of the date on the voucher is MM/DD/YYYY. So if it says 5/10/2009, it means the voucher expires on May 10th, 2009.

    Will I be told how many options to choose in a multiple choice question?
    Yes in the real exam you'll be told how many options to select. The real exam won't have questions like in most mock exams which say "Choose All That Apply". That is done in mock exams to make them difficult.

    Are there any marks for partially right answers?
    There are no points for partially correct answers. If there is a question where you have to select 3 options and you select 2 right and 1 wrong, you'll get no marks for that question.

    Am I ready to take the exam?
    The best way to convince yourself that you are ready is to consistently score well on mock exams. In general, most mock exams provide a good indication of how you will score on the real exam. (If anything, the real exams are said to be slightly less difficult than the mock exams. But since the real exam is usually the last one taken after a series of several mock exams, candidates are most prepared for that one.) As a general guideline for confidence, you should consistently score about 10 points higher on the mock exams as you hope to score on the real exam.

    How can I pay/register for the Java 17 exam?
    This thread contains some useful information

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