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Recent posts by ShreeDevi

Get one from Singapore, where it costs about 50 dollars or one from US, it costs 150 dollars here, the voucher says it is valid worldwide, so your problem might be solved!!!
Icould not find any link to the "sun certified" database from the site that you mentioned.
By the way, it is almost a month since I passed the exam, and I did not get any "REAL CERTIFICATE" from Sun. Though the test cenetr on is good enough for me, I want to get my 150 dollar worth certificate soon.
By the way, how much weightage was given to certification at your interviews?
I have seen a few posts here saying there is not much recognition in the east coast for SCJP. Is it true?
I am also in the same boat as yours. You know, like certified, but not much of real time experience.
Please keep posting info about how the job was, what did they expect from you, how much of time were you given to accustom yourself to the project, was it a team project where you can get a bit of help from your superiors or were you offered an individual project?
Too many questions for a post!!!
I would appreciate your answers.
I am a sun certified programmer, looking for a junior to mid level position in Java programming or QA.
Presently in Atlanta, I am willing to relocate if I get a good offer.
I am currently on a H1 visa and am authorised to work in the US.
For any correspondence and to get a copy of my resume, please email me at
24 years ago
Your jdk1.4 seems to be the answer to all the ambiguities Jim!!!
You are in the right place!!!
For a start have a look at Vamsi's site.
Search for posting "See this for 90% and above..." at this site.
Thread priority is set AFTER the thread is created using setPriority() method and not during creation.
Am I right?
Where did myFirst come from?
Should it be after line 2 is executed, just before line 3?
Answer is D ie 0 on compilation, but how??
Tony, Jim, JM, Paul,
An FAQ of all the questions that appeared in discussions would be a feast for javacert aspirants.
Well, no one will need to shell out money to buy any books for the sake of mock exams.
I would say most of the questions in the famous cert books have been discussed.
Will this make Brogden, Mughal, R&H and Boone happy???
Well, I am not against the idea of pooling the questions, but, the authors too must be having copyrights similar to "SUN"!!
Some of the cert books have so many errors. sometimes we feel the answer is definitely wrong. This is the only place where we can discuss and clarify our doubts.
Do the copyright laws allow anyone to pool a whole lot of questions from a book and provide answers for them?
Moreover this is a discussion and people express their opinions, may not be perfect answers.
Something like Correct me!!! wouldn't be that interesting to post a reply unless you open it.
You are right Udayan. I compiled and checked.
Why dont you post the URLs of the useful sites here, so that everyone using JavaRanch can be benefited.