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Recent posts by Jasper Vader

Hi Nate - I have not been able to get your example working yet unfortunately.
Keith - an interesting idea, am willing to try it, but i sort of dont have a concept of the implementation of it yet.
I am actually in need of a bit of practical help here. I presume bartender Nate's advice was right on the money, but it is not integrating with the code i am trying to work it into (could be the way i put it in, where i put it, or the other classes)... oh well, will keep on trying ... reading .. typing ... compiling .. running ...
cool hit me back if any good ideas to illuminate me occur anyone please.
[ June 02, 2003: Message edited by: Jasper Vader ]
18 years ago
Hi ... when i try to compile the following code snippet

it comes up with the following errors

and i have no idea why cos i reckon i am calling the method properly. any suggestions (eg, i am not calling the method properly ?)
18 years ago
brilliant stuff, i am going to have a go at implementing these ideas immeeeediately!
i have been away from the swing stuff for a bit, as i had to work on some oracle stuff, but now must develop the swing schwing.
so thanks for the replies, will let you know how i get on this afternoon.
18 years ago
Oh it's okay dont worry, i am just going to bring the Char field into a Char var, not a Boolean var.
18 years ago
btw i have inserted some rows in there
18 years ago
okay i changed the limit of merit CHAR field to be able to hold 5 characters, so i can put TRUE or FALSE in there ... but i am having trouble assigning the field value to a BOOLEAN variable ... of course .... any ideas on how to do this?
here is what i have done so far...
18 years ago
On the google group search area, i found that boolean can be a variable but not a data type, so the following code works for creating my table
create table emp_question
(employee_start_date DATE,
job_type CHAR (1),
extra_merit CHAR(1),
current_salary NUMBER(6,2),
bonus_amount NUMBER(4,2));

cool ... and just put either T or F into the extra_merit field ... i guess a Boolean variable will be able to be derived form that when selecting or whatever?
18 years ago
(1) i want to create table with a boolean field type - possible?
i thought it would be possible, but i am just having a bit of a headache with the following code...

the error keeps coming up concerning
extra merit BOOLEAN,
it says it is an invalid data type.
do i have to create the table in a PL/SQL block or something?
also, there is a "Bonus" field, in the sense that a bonus is to be calculated ...
i thought of including this code in the actual creation of the table...

but am not sure whether this is necessary at all as it will be calculated. Should i place certain code within the initial definition of the table, so that the bonus field is always created each time the table is viewed?
Or should i not include it in the creation of the table at all?
18 years ago
and here is my code,,,...:::

18 years ago
Hi there, i have nearly got this working. I thought I had, but I havent. What happens is that I get the Order Items apearring twice and the Subtotal is not showing anything?
I will show the output here, and the code down below. If you have any suggestion on what i am doing wrong, let me know.
If it is all just too complicated and needs to be better laid out, just let me know that too.
18 years ago
Yay ... although the second nested cursor is totally working properly, all it is doing right now is pulling out all the item descriptions and putting them in there, rather than the ones specific to the order...but i will fix that after i just enjoy the fact that i got it working!
18 years ago
thanks for your clarity Michael,
i will post again if i know that the right rows are being returned.
[ May 31, 2003: Message edited by: Jasper Vader ]
18 years ago
oh dear me, i just realised the clue to my original question was actually in the title of the thread!!! hahaha
18 years ago
okay, i get where you're coming from Mark, and it is good to see it written out, because i had a sneaking suspicion that something was just turning up strange because i was trying to compare things to null ... i forgot the 'is' option.
now concerning the null OR true = true... i believe you, but i wonder if it is because trying to get the a boolean on whether the value of 1=NULL is essentially similar to getting a false response, and seeing we are "OR"-ing, and the second condition being true, then it can return a value of true ... but... are you relating this as theory to the actual functionaloty of the NVL() comparison/assignment?
18 years ago
Michael, I have looked at the database .. and there seems to be no need at all for outer joins, i was totally off track. The query seems to work fine as i wrote it without the outer joins. Talk about making things difficult for myself!
where L.LOC_ID = CS.LOC_ID

I will make sure i am certain on my ASSUMPTIONS before posting anything in future, aswell as making my intention clearer.
thanks again.
18 years ago