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Recent posts by Jack Daniel

hey Kishore Dandu what ever the case...

Thanks buddy, you are my friend...

Firstly, my dad likes the drink, so......

and did any of you guys ever think, how it would be if your boss or technical lead or who-so-ever googles up your name and finds you asking (sometimes) silly questions... it is not good.. your boss looses confidence on your technical knowledge..

Just DO

Kishore Dandu in google, you will find 222 results,...

It's good if you are only replying to somebody's questions.. but otherwise,...

Take it easy guys..
16 years ago
Sorry guys, i did not mean to offend anybody..

i thought may be some here use something like special screen attached to the monitor or something like that..

maybe i have a problem, because i keep worrying that my eyes will pain, if i spend too much time before PC... and they do..
maybe because i kind of tuned my mind that way..

now, i guess it's time i teach my mind,.. not to worry much about the issue..

Take it easy guys

16 years ago
Just curious to know, how many hrs per day each spends before computer and TV?? Is it not a big strain to eyes.. i feel so.. i spend about 10 hrs..

How do you guys fight it out..??? vitamin-A pills ??..

and i am thinking like if i am going to continue with IT for another 30 years,.. my eyes are gonna die .. someday..!!
what do all you people feel about this issue..?? love to hear others' opinions..

i know everybody here are smart people.. with smart ideas and opinions

16 years ago
Invest in Real E$tate... in FL

16 years ago
ok, I too have a question regarding this..

In the query string, i know you cannot have space for parameters passed..

now coming to encoding url.. some use '+' for space and some use %20.
what is the difference ?? and which one is the preferred one???

I think google uses '+' , so i use '+'
16 years ago
Hi Ben,..


So, it might not be because of some IE setting(s)??
Also I have noticed that it happened only on XP-Professional with SP2..
damn!!! that must be the reason - SP2

16 years ago
Hi all,...

just curious to know which setting(s) on MSIE, will prevent
response.sendRedirect to work

Just came across this problem, though solved it by using
getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher... later..

I know somebody here, definitely has a clue.. about that..

PS: The application was working perfect on mostIE browsers but not on some.. figured out this to be the reason.No reDirecting is happening on some browsers...
16 years ago
Did anybody think about: HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6220

I am thinking about buying it soon... any comments??

The configuration & price is confusing??? I am thinking of buying at

Great config:

price is only $1299.. showing $385 instant savings !!!...

What do u guys say about this..?? is the price correct??

Thanks for your opinions..
17 years ago
Thanks Ben

I never had the habit of looking at specifications.. but anyway better late than never.

So, i am correct

maybe i'll call up kathy and talk to her about this..
juss kiddin..
17 years ago
OK... i guess this is reg JSP 2.0 specs.


what is the effect?

A. Nothing, this page directive is not defined

B. The directive turns off the evaluation of Expression Language code by the JSP container in all the web application's JSP's

C. The JSP containing this directive should be treated by the JSP container as a well formed XML file (hehehe.. funny )

D. The JSP containing this directive should NOT have any EL code evaluated by the JSP container

E. This page directive will only turn off EL evaluation if the DD declares a
<el-ignored> true </el-ignored> element with a URL pattern that includes this JSP.

Ben, ohh! i have leaked the answer before, in my first post

plz give your opinion(s)..

PS: hope there are NO typos
17 years ago
Hi all,..

Firstly this is a great book
I know that many have this book...

I have a question regarding Question 6, page 330(mock exam) and in the answers it said 'E' as correct answer but i thought 'D' was the correct answer.

Any explaination(s)??
Thanks for your help
17 years ago
Hi all,

well, it is regarding best ways of creating SQL queries.Plz don't suggest ORM tools like Hibernate for this small project..

You know, i have to do a big query, kind of involves 12 tables,.. when a user submits a form.
So i am just doing it in a single query, involving some Outer Joins and all; it takes quite some time.I do show "processing.. Please wait .. " page. Only one access to the database gets me the results from about 12 tables. Is this the best approach?? or do smaller but more number of queries??

Which is faster and more efficient??

Also i felt putting everything in one query, for making further changes, just changing that one query is good enough. If it is more than 1 query, you have to make changes everywhere, i mean all queries.

Just eager to listen to, what the JDBC gurus would say. Thanks
I of-course use DataSource connection Pooling and only Prepared Statements.
[ April 07, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]