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Recent posts by Alex Gregory

hi, i took the essay test last tuesday but see nothing on my test history page. How long does the grading process take?
Well, make sure to learn up classpath, and how to set it. You will be working with a package you will get from Sun, and if you dont know how to set classpath, you wont be able to start the assignment. Also, starting learning about JTables.
i personally like record number because it is purely numeric, not alphanumeric. Also, it is more intuitive since datastructres like hashtables usually accept Integers for keys, not Strings. But thats my 2 pennies, i dont know the right answer.
Hi, I completely forgot about the submission process after about a year on this assignment.
Can someone tell me what to do submit this, where to call to schedule my exam, sorry, please save me the time looking this stuff if aint a big deal . thanks.
Thanks Eugene, I figured the same thing. It's going to be a minor change, but you're right about not meeting the specs, cause even though i dont do the situation i describe, they might in the grading.
hi, i finished my assignment but now am a bit worried. I did not modify the sigs of lock or unlock. I implemented an atomic booking operation which calls lock and unlock in one method. Therefore, if Sun makes some test program where client a locks record 1 and client b unlocks record 1, the unlock will be successful.
Thus, for the spec of the assignment, i'm fine, but if they try to call the lock and unlock out of context of my atomic operation, i'm in trouble.
Can anyone tell me anything?
you could catch a NumberFormatException to detect whether a number was entered.
if you know classpath perfectly, know about stubs and skeletons with RMI, how to jar perfectly, then you can probably finish the assignment in a week. little detail can bog you down for a month and you could spend all your time trying to figure it and you wont, until of course you get help from someone else, because sometimes you get to a point where you just can go on without someone's help. But I guess that's why we are all here to help each other.
hi guys, how much documentation should I do for the UnicastRemoteObject for the server which encapsulates the class? The question is how many times do i have to document the same method in different classes which use the same class? Also, how do they want us to handle exceptions? Do they just want us to put print statements in catch blocks? Thanks
Hi, right now my server can only be stopped by control c. should i have a graceful shutdown or maybe even have a gui for the server?
Holmes Wong, make sure that if you put your stubs and skels inside server.jar you add this to your manifest file when you jar the client jar file.
Class-path: server.jar
Hopefully this was your problem solver.
hi, i just wanna make sure we're allowed to use LocateRegistry.createRegistry(int port) in our server, because this forces the registry to be created on localhost by default, but what if the grader wishes to create the registry on some other host besides localhost? Or can we assume that he is okay with starting on his choice port on localhost.
After about 21 hours and a migraine, I found out my problem. When people kept saying to use classpath with manifest i didnt know how to do it. But here it is:
Class-path: server.jar
Thus, I only keep my stubs and skeletons in the server.jar, and add the following line to the client.jar manifest file. Thanks for the people who tried to help me, I know this will help others so they dont spend time like me.
The whole point of using LocateRegistry was to eliminate the need for codebase, and why set the classpath since we are using jars?
Also, right now I have the stubs and skels in both client and server jar? But in non jar way I only have stubs and skel in server and everything works. Please please help'
guys, unfortunately I still cant get my jars and rmi to work together, after spending the whole night. I'm really stuck 100%.
I followed some people's suggestion to use LocateRegistry.createRegistry(), and everything works before I run my programs from jars.
And when I work with the jars I get: classNotFound exceptions of stubs.
to recap, my directory structure is :
and when I jarred i created server.jar which has *.class from db and server, and client.jar which has *.class from db and client.
I run the server.jar like this:
java -jar server.jar %1 %2
This works fine, but client.jar is what gives the exceptions:
java -jar client.jar %1 %2 %3
I'm really drowning here, please help me, I never knew that submitting this thing would be so hard, nothing is easy here, so please help, because all i have left to do is this packaging, otherwise im done.