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I agree with the above, but there's also value in the sorts of knowledge it forces you to get. On-the-job, it can be hard to justify learning more than just enough to get by. When learing for fun, I tend to ignore and avoid anything that isn't fun. Certifications are nice because some fairly well informed people have defined a block of knowledge that is somehow "complete", and they offer a certificate to help motivate me to learn the boring bits.

However, this piece of code comes into trouble if my constructor throws exceptions. It won't compile because you cant throw exceptions in the initializer area. Say the first time it is used I need to make an db call, and I want the user of the singleton to handle the exception so I can't handle it in the constructor. Any ideas?

You could catch and save the exception, then re-throw it from getInstance().
20 years ago
I set up Tomcat 4.0.3 on Windows98 and it seems ok. However Win98 does require the following (from RUNNING.txt in the download). It didn't work without this, but I don't remember seeing the "out of environmnent space" error... it might have been in the vanishing DOS window.
2) An "out of environment space" error when running the batch files in
Win9X/ME-based operating systems.
Right-click on the STARTUP.BAT and SHUTDOWN.BAT files. Click on
"Properties" then on the "Memory" tab. For the "Initial environment" field,
enter in something like 4096.

After you click apply, Windows will create shortcuts in the directory with
which you can use to start and stop the container.