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Recent posts by Dean Jones

hi can any one of u tell me wat r the filters in servlet request and response and can u send me a example how they can be actually used
17 years ago
hmmmm u cant declare a element already defined in the external DTD in the internal DTD.The MSXML parser with the IE is not fuly compliant with the standards bu Xalan wil not leave u ,that is the Resaon dear
hi How can i get the good notes on the design patterns.
what r the deign pattersn that r required for the exam , which r generally called.
how many percentage of the eam does the deagin patterns contribute
Dean Jones
hi all
, i m trying to conncet to a https site using URL class. I hav used the SUN JSSE package.
i have put all the three jar files of sun's jsse in lib folder.
the code is used before calling the URL class is

but this is not working i m getting the error as no SSL implementation found.
can any one of u please let me know how can i solve this problem is there any special thing required when using in war file.'coz jsse is working fine through a stand alone application
hi all,
how it is possible to have call by value & call by refernce possible in RMI, can anyone of u let me know this wid the help of example
18 years ago
hi how it is possible to have the init(),destroy() functionality in a JSP PAge
18 years ago
thanx gautham u really helped me
18 years ago
interesting discussion goin on,
i think having a cert. like SCJP only plus the experience is much better than havng lots n lots of certifiation, as cert olny give u the basic theoritical knowledge but for practical knowledge u should be actually developing something.
and a compnay will definately prefer a person having theoritical knowledge plus practical knowledge ,u can continue with the certs with ur job.
one more thing if u dont hav any job then why to waste ur time if u hav money go for the certs prepare ur self the best u can fot the interviews.
that all i have to say
18 years ago
it is now clear to me a bit hoe to use doPut etc,
can u please help me by sending a explanation of doPu,doDelete,doTrace with the examples
18 years ago
SAX and DOM,
ok in DOM whole document is put in the memory,where as in SAX event are fired on the start of tags,doc..and on thier end.
If ur critical factor is memory than always use SAX as nothing is in memory.
if ur critical factor is speed than use DOM as in the case of DOM the search is not sequential so it is always possible to have much more efficiency than the SAX.
if ur document size is less than u can always use DOM ,as memory needed is very less ans u will get faster results.
If ur document require sequential search then no need of using complex DOM api's as it is very easy to catch document events in sequential form in SAX.
if u still need any more help then please ask
hi the service method overrides to give us the methods such as doGet,doPost,doDelete,doPut,doTrace etc.
i know the function of the doGet and doPOst,can any one of u let me know the functions of the other fucntions(doPut,,,) i know that this is quite easy ,
Dean Jones
18 years ago
hi got it thax get u clear a bit more
18 years ago
As such u should not have any problem in using the arrays if the no. of elements are fixed. u shuld remember that array indexes starts from zero instead of 1 , so if u have used a array with the limit two say Array a[2]; and latter u trying to access a[2] element this will trey to acces the third element and thus will generate e exeption ArrayOutOfBoundsEexception,but in ur case it is null pointer esception so might be ur not able to put the data in the array b4 using it
18 years ago
why swing components are called the Light Weight Components
18 years ago
can any one of u tell me the diff between the sockets and the securesockets
i mean dat for https we need to use java jsse packages or so. wat is the need and differenece