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I don't personally know( Just learning Eclipse ). But, you may find your answer here:
Eclipse User Interface Guidelines
[ January 26, 2004: Message edited by: Ken Cobbs ]
[ January 26, 2004: Message edited by: Ken Cobbs ]
Have you tried changing Question 5's Catch from "IOException" to "Exception"? That may help the compile to work.
Have Fun.

It looks to me that if you removed that top
"public static void main (String args[]) {"
it should work fine.
Have fun!
18 years ago
Could it be because 'value' is still null in the Test2 class?
Never mind it's an Instance variable.
[ July 25, 2003: Message edited by: Ken Cobbs ]
Is the "pecieHistory class" public or default?
A 'default' class can only be seen by class within the same package.
A class that's 'public' can be seen from other packages.
Just read that yesterday in Kathy and Berts Study Guide!
Hope it's what the trouble is
19 years ago
Whoooo, Thanks, Cindy and Layne! I'd forgot that it's April Fools Day! What a relief!
19 years ago
I think he's talking about the "Bill Wuz Here" on the Big Moose logo on the home page.
I havn't been here for around a week or so. Has a Haker been here?
Wow! Looks like the hakers still here! after I wrote the post it had hit the Moose logo here in the forums. Only much worse in words.
[ April 01, 2003: Message edited by: Ken Cobbs ]
19 years ago
96%, Wow! Congratulations Barry!
19 years ago
Congratulations Juliane!!
Welcome to the Servlets!
19 years ago
Hi Sartaj,
I too have a Windows me, j2sdk 1.4.01 and jsdkee 1.3.1
I use orion 1.5.2 as my server. Works like a charm.
Have never tried another server though.
Here's my path layout.

Hope it help!
19 years ago
Congratulations to Michael and Barry!!
Wow!! New Bartenders!
19 years ago
Congratulations Barry!!!
You'll be up in the JDBC class in no time.
Isn't this a Great place to learn!!
19 years ago
Enjoy the OOP world, David!!
19 years ago
Went all the way!
19 years ago
Thanks Arun,
That example was great! Putting that in my memory bucket( on disk )
19 years ago