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Recent posts by Melinda White

After waiting 6 weeks for my score I got it. Thanks all for your help and especially thanks to Max, and to Mark S. and Andrew M.
20 years ago
Thanks Andrew. I feel a lot better - at least I am looking in the right place. Gee, are these your scores??? Great - not bad at ALL!
Going for the SCWCD next -
Ok, the suspense is killing me. I submitted and tested on Sept. 30th- that's nearly 3 weeks ago. Where exactly will my results apear in the certmanager web site? Will they appear on the same webpage as my SCJP test results are? Just gotta know if the website I'm polling 20,000 times a day is the correct one.
Anyone write a program that polls this and emails you when it's posted?
Thanks in advance to anyone who's dealt with this recently.
Thanks Mark,
Your posts are always among the most informative. Glad you're around this here ranch. Hope your on the other forums too!
Thanks - so you really have no way of knowing if you lose points if it's because of your test essay, or your code.
I think it would be great if they provided more detailed feedback than they do.
Thanks for the reply,
I understand that you get an itemized score on the submitted project, but is the written exam just a pass or fail, or does it also factor in to the final itemized score?
Yay - finally I have reached the END!!! Submitting today, and exam on Monday!
Thanks Max,
Do you think that I should rip out all my helper methods and even the overridden invariant method in my DataExt class? This method is overriden so I can print out deleted record count. I used this a lot for a couple of multi client acceptance tests.
Thanks for any feedback.
I have the very same question. For me it's not just a matter of excluding my Junit test files. I also a couple of mock objects (and code that calls them(MockDataAccess for example) and lots of acceptance test code as well.
I also tested add and remove record and modified invariant() to get more info on deleted records - again, for multithreading testing purposes.
Mark, will I be docked for this? Do I need to remove this method and all add record, remove record code? (Even if simply exlcude my unit test files, my code as it stands now, has been slightly modified for testing purposes.)

Sometimes Junit requires that you make a particular method public so I guess that will have to be modified or explained?
Also, I have some convenience mehtods for testing only - like "dumpMap" "clearAllLocksNoWait", stuff like that.
So I guess the upshot I need to clean up my code and remove all evidence of testing???
Any response would be greatly appreciated. I think, the way I've been trained (XP) - it's an integral part of the code.

IT WORKED like a champ!

Now I will try to email you about that choclate.
Hi there,
Progress continues. First, I think I found a really stupid mistake that is the source of my problem.
I recently refactored my code so that the remote object that's bound to the registry is not the same object that the client holds uniquely - since the registry keeps the reference count at one and Unreferenced will never get called. In this refactor I lost the code that did the registry lookup - thus my client doesn't have a remote object at all. Yikes!
Second, I will follow up with results and the choclate results as well. My, I've never seen choclates from Paris before. I thought Godiva was IT.
Thank you ALL for being such a great resource.
Thanks all. Here is my code. Hope it's formated ok.I am not supporting the port parmater.
This is the last time I will post about this issue. But I have new information to report, and yet still I am unable to get unreferenced called.
If any of you guys can help, if you've got unreferenced called ok, please response and I will send you choclate.
Anyone who had been able to get unreferenced called, please advise. I've battled with this problem for a long time, and even bought an RMI book, but have not found any answers. Many people have had this problem, and I have used all suggestions I've found on the various BBs.
Problem: I want each client to be cleaned up when its remote reference is set to null. I tweaked the server side lease time and checkInterval to 20 seconds each to speed up the DGC.
The object I bind to the registry is a ConnectionFactory that creates another remote object - one for each client called RemoteDataAccess.
The problem: the client sets the reference to the remote object (RemoteDataAccess) to null, but the RemoteDataAccess' unreferenced method is never called. The RemoteDataAccessis NOT bound to the registry (that was one mistake I previously made), so the registry is not keeping the reference count at one. Unreferenced is never called, either when exiting gracefully (setting the remote reference to null), or crashing.
Both the ConnectionFactory and the RemoteDataAccess object extends RemoteUnicastObject. The Factory is bound to the registry, the RemoteDataAccess object implements the Unreferenced interface.
Good heavens, what am I missing here???
Is it required that I use codebase for non-activitable objects? I thought I might use the java.rmi.server.logCalls to debug this issue, but the API says it's deprecated.
If anyone can help I would really really appreciate it. I've beat this one 'til it's almost dead!!! It's driving me crazy but I don't like to give up.
Thanks - and I'm serious about the choclate!
Thanks very much for the book recommendation and all the help. I really want to figure this out because I did see it work ONCE a few weeks ago - don't remember how I reproduced it.
Peter, I appreciate all your help and would feel it an imposition for you to look at my code anyway, even if you did have time.
Well, if this were easy everyone would do it, rigtht?
Thanks all,
Thanks Mark and Peter,
My understanding is that unreferenced should clear all locks held by the client that crashed or otherwise ended "normally" but may have left locks open.
Peter, you raise a good question and perhaps I need to do more research. There is a possibility that all clients are using the same remote object and so when one client dies or ends normally, unreferenced is not called because other clients are keeping the reference. But even when all of my clients end normally (thus setting the handle to null and calling System.gc()) -- or even when I run only ONE client --, unreferenced is still not called.
(By the way, the object is DataAccessRemote and the handle is to an interface that implements my IDataAccess interface that is also implemented by DataAccessLocal.)
I am aware of the normal time limits on the lease time and the check interval. I tried setting them both to 20 seconds, but it seems to have no affect.
Anyone know a good RMI book?
Thanks a lot all for your help. I am stumped.