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Recent posts by Mandy Yan

I have a question related to booking airfare. It mentions that there is a legacy system written in Cobol. I think that the new booking airfare has to interface with this legacy system to get flight information (e.g. seat availability). Is my understanding correct?

Thank you very much!
Thanks a lot for your information!
In BDM, it mentions "equipment". May I ask if I need to include equipment (airplane) in my class diagram? If it is required, I am not sure what methods or attributes should be put in this class.

Please kindly advise. Thanks a lot!
Yes Akshay! We are in the same boat.
I'm also working on the Part II exam. You mentioned that JCA cannot be used to interface with the legacy mileage system. Can you give some explanation? I'm just thinking how to interface with the mileage system while keeping the system not required to rewrite. Although it is using Oracle and connecting directly to the database can get required data, the original interface becomes useless. I'm also thinking whether to expose the web-based interface to customers, but it seems not a good idea.
What's your opinion?

Thanks a lot!
Is the class diagram used for the new airfare booking system only?
The mileage system will only appear in component diagram. Is it correct?

Besides, from the requirement, I think that there should be a Java application for travel agents to access both mileage system and airfare booking system. For customers, there is a single web-based application which can connect to mileage system and also booking system. Since mileage system is a legacy system, JCA is used when interfacing with mileage system from both Java application and web-based application. Is it ok?

Regarding the response time, does it mean using load-balancing?

Please kindly give me some advice. Thanks a lot!
I have further questions on the interface for customers and travel agents. Does it mean that a single Java application is developed for travel agents while a web-based interface for customers to access both mileage system and airfare booking system?

In this case, should I use JCA to interface with mileage system in both Java Application and web-based interface?

It mentions that response time should be fast. Can this be solved by using load balancing?

Thanks a lot for your help!
I have some questions regarding the Part II exam.

It mentions that the existing mileage system is web-based. There should be a web interface for customers and an application for travel agents. Does it mean that the web-based interface is released to customers and a new Java application should be developed for travel agents?

Moreover, it wants to have a web-site for booking airfare. A "graphical user interface" should be developed for travel agents. Does it mean that customers will access the booking system via the Internet while travel agents will use Java application? In this case, is there actually a single Java application which can connect to the mileage system and also the airfare booking system?

Please kindly give me some advice. Thank you very much!
It mentions that the mileage system will not be rewrited. However, there should be a web interface for customers. May I ask how this requirement is incorporated into the diagrams? It seems that it cannot be represented in class and sequence diagrams. Is it required only in Component Diagram?
I have finished SCEA Part I. Is there any time limit that I have to finish Part II and Part III after that?
oh...then should I take the exam?
or wait for the J2EE 1.4 version?
Which spec does the current SCEA exam (CX-310-051, CX-310-300A, CX-310-061) cover?
Is it J2EE1.2 or J2EE1.4?
Thanks for your information!
That's really troublesome......
If it will release the new exam soon, of course it is better to get certified with the new version. That makes us have doubt wether we should take the exam now......
[ April 08, 2003: Message edited by: Mandy Yan ]
Is that the current SCEA exam is on EJB1.2 rather than EJB2.0?
In this case, do I need to take the exam again if it announces SCEA for EJB2.0 later?
Does anyone know if Sun is going to announce the new Exam?
Thank a lot!
I would like to ask if any settings is required for WebSphere to use SSL?
I have tried evaluation copy of WebSphere. No special setting is needed. However, it seems that this is not the case for the production copy of WebSphere.
Can anyone kindly give me some opinion?
21 years ago