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Recent posts by Chris Victor

Does anyone know how to set the org.apache.struts.taglib.logic.MessagesPresentTag???
I am building a checkLogon Tag, but I don't know how to set the ErrorMessages. The only way that works until now is to set messages via the validate ActionErrors as result, unfortunately this is only for Forms and not for Tags....
in other words <logic:MessagesPresentTag> must be set in another Tag.
20 years ago
Out of curiousity, why whould you like to schedule a servlet?
I schedule java-backend processes regularly using the crontab....I can help you with that if you like....
21 years ago
ow ow my....It appears I was testing wrong.This is what I did for testing...
Enumeration paramNames = req.getParameterNames();
String paramName = (String)paramNames.nextElement();
System.out.println("ParameterName: "+paramName);
String[] params = req.getParameterValues("delcause");
if(params != null)
System.out.println("The following selection(s) were made: ");
for(int i = 0; i < params.length; i++)
It appeared that I didn't select Anything, thus the parameter was not filled and given to the Servlet.
Conclusion: The select Parameter will only be passed to the HttpServletResponse.getParameter..if it contains values...
Thanks a lot for your troubles guys...
21 years ago
Hey Dave,
Thanks for taking the trouble to look at my trouble
Anyway I tried using both methods(doGet/doPost) and checked the html very clearly..but the parameter simply doesn not get parsed..
As the code is very is not useable on this site..I can mail it to you though if you like...
21 years ago
I tried using the getParameterValues method...but unluckily it returns a null....
Perhaps, it is the fault of Tomcat 4.01 ???
When I do a System.out.println of all does not display the del_cause parameter
21 years ago
I have a servlet with for e.g. HTML output:
<select name=del_cause size=5 multiple>
<option value=1>test
<option value=1>test2
<option value=1>test3
If I selected multiple values from this select object how can I pass these values (from the document.form1.del_cause object) to my controller servlet?
21 years ago
Ur right some proces is not giving it's port free...on most OS'es you just can kill the process that keeps the port unavailable...As Tomcat has default 8080 and 8008 (WarpConnector),
do the following steps:
1. Analysis
2. Troubleshoot
1. Analysis
1.1 Check the listening/ open ports
type: netstat -vatn
this will give you for e.g.:
tcp 0 0
Meaning that this port is still open
1.1 Check what processes are running:
type: ps -ef or ps -fu <here goes username>
2. Troubleshooting
Since you probably wont see any clear Tomcat procesname in the list, Just kill the java process which are still running
type: kill -9 <processId goes here>, for e.g.
kill -9 9330
good luck
21 years ago