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Recent posts by test1

Originally posted by bala_chocos:
hi ventkadesh
congrats for scoring the high percentage
dont compare with others .please tell me how to
write answer for the fill in the blanks .Expecting
a reply

It's the same like the simulator mock exams on the net. So u don't have to worry. For eg. if there is a question and ur answer is final just type final in the box available. It's as simple as it is. Hope i have answered your question.
I passed the exam today with 86%. Might not be a good score when compared to many here. But 'am happy.
Thanks a lot to Maha anna for her links to all the mock exam.It was really helpful. The Marcus tests were so good.
I got one question with the exact same code and variables like one in a mock test.I was surprised. It was on constructor. Many of the questions were the ones similar to mock tests.
The test was on fundamentals. No ambiguity. I had 4 fill in questions. None on Media or sockets.I had just eneough time. Was slow in the begining. So i took 1hr 20mins for finishing the first time and took 30hr. for reviewing. And ended it while i had 5 mins. left.
I used the RHE & Exam cram book and ofcourse all the mock exams in Maha's link.
I didn't participate in the forum. Just used this forum only for 3 days before the exam. I used all the links and tips by maha anna , though.
Thanks once again... All the best for the test takers..