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Recent posts by Anamika Singh

Thanks for the example Dave. I wasnt sure how to use the execute() after reading the API.
Nothing beats Johnny Bravo :lol:
14 years ago
I dont think it is any problem. If you know your stuff well, someone will always hire you. I have the same experience as you.In fact 3-4 yrs back, I quit my company and stayed at home for 2 months, just because i wanted to take some rest from work and travelling. When i started to look out for a job, when asked about the gap, I usually was able to convince the HR about my short leave. I got an offer from most places as techically I knew my job.
There is a bit of slowdown in hiring these days, but still I am getting mails from companies for interviews. So all the best ..It will be fine
14 years ago
I too had stage fear..but I realized that if I concentrate really hard on what I am speaking and how well I can explain to others around, then I get a diversion from the fear. 5-10 minutes of talking like this and I am not shaky at all.
You can try making presentations to small groups , preferably of people known to you or your project team. So it would be like talking to a group of friends. Concentrate on what you need to talk and nothing else.

Even if you are scared or mistakes.. do it..the more often you do it, the sooner you will be comfortable. Hope this helps.
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14 years ago
[ April 22, 2008: Message edited by: Anamika Singh ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by Ram Deshpande:
Though US recession going to HIT Indian IT market, NRN has quoted differently.
US recession is another opportunity to INDIAN IT giant�s to enforce many foreign companies to do more and more OFFSHORE.
And after every recession like situation will enforce foreign companies to look cheaper labor/labour comprising QUALITY which will be improved later time.
And it�s already started�
Currently UK has similar situation and many clients forced to do more OFFSHORE due to recession.


Post the 2000 US recession and dotcom bubble burst, there has been an increase in outsourcing to India and other countries. Also, after the 2000 and decline in US Dollar, Indian companies have aligned their business models to avoid a region specific impact on their businesses. Most have gone for expanding business to Europe and Africa, change in billing currency from the client and variable pay for employees.
I have been through the 2000 recession, so my guess is that this recession should not hit Indian IT as bad as in the 2000.
Though, I personally think there are chances of a US recession happening.
14 years ago
In a small company I did everything starting from the design ,installations,development to support. There was no choice. Incidentally, my initial job was in a company of 10 developers and I had a lot of responsibility. Later I moved to big companies too. In big companies,usually there are processes and development responsibilities are defined. So I had fixed tasks to do. But honestly there was no stopping in a big company, if I wanted to take up more or different work
14 years ago