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Recent posts by Tony Evans

Hi I am using spring before Spring 2.4.0  to run a profile within a profile, So I have 4 different profiles  @activatedProperties@ local, dev, qa, and prod, and in each one of then I want to run Spring cloud config awss3

So for each  @activatedProperties@  include  awss3

What this does is that it allows me to run the following in my yml file,

And then I have

And lets say  @activatedProperties@ is local

This will call application-local.yml

But I am using  spring version 2.6.1 and

Does not work,
2 years ago
Its like its gone out ogf its way to not be like eclipse, and eclipse is very user friendly
2 years ago
I use eclipse but now I am trying out intellij, as is the way with software, its not a one size fits all. In eclipse I select search in filename I can put the name of the file, select search in the search window, it will come up , just cick on it, it will open, you can even right click and show in package.

I cant seen to fund anything similar in intellij
2 years ago

Thanks for everyones help.  

I ran the install to install on the jar lombok-1.18.10.jar Lombok onto eclipse. In my eclipse.ini it created


I ran mvn eclipse:eclipse which ran ok.

But mvn compile

failed with incompatible types: lombok.var cannot be converted to java.lang.String.

I am not sure what else I can do.  Its installed on the IDE, its part of the mvn build in the POM. Is there another step I need to carry out.
2 years ago
Hi thanks, its legacy code, that i am now taking over. I had a feeling it was an eclipse IDE problem.  I am guessing I need to add a lombok plugin. There is a lot of code that needs to be looked at. But I want to sort this out first.

Thanks Tony
2 years ago

I am importing lombok in the pom.xml file.

But eclipse is complaining cannot cast from var to String. Is this an eclipse ID problem. Do I need to set something up in my eclipse ID.

Thanks for any help.
2 years ago
I have a block of HTML as an element which i got from

data is :

I wish to extract the url identified by url=

getElementByTagName("url") does not work, nor does getAttribute("url")

Now I have a workaround turn it into a string, and then spilt the string by ; which will work. In fact, I am thinking this is the only way to extract the data embedded in the bloc of HTML.

Am I right.

Thanks for any help.
Hi Thanks for your reply, yes I know its a class to store data, and I create an instance of that to store the actual data in.

In javascript  the code

returns an error

I am guessing the error is that this referes to the object data.fullSubject. Hence you cant have any more sets and gets.
If I just want to store  data just to pass around the application, I could just a type, or a class.
Most simple way
I come from a java background  if I want to create an object to store data to pass around its

short and sweet but javascript seems to have a muliple way of creating objects the one that seemed close to what I want to do, which is to have an object I can pass data into and take out is this

But this fails, I think you can only have one set and one get ion a java script object.

I am trying to stay object oriented even though its scripting
Very new to javascipt.  So really cant understand why there is a problem.

I have created a class PrimeMinister but the code cant see it.

Thanks for any help.

I have a node.js application that works of sort

prints out the following

In this code block

I would rager be able to extract
Robert Walpole

aa 3 seperate elements but every time I try and use getAttribute or getElementByTag

it returns "jshandle@array

Thanks for any help/

Hi thanks, I am going by youtube tutorials, which never seem to work as they are out of date and the code evolves, but I am learning
I found a fix.

Hi I am new to node.js

I am getting the following error

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: page.reload is not a function

The problem is that the await object page that is returned is not the await object I created.

Thanks for any help