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Recent posts by amchi gelo

Paul Clapham wrote:

amchi gelo wrote:When I run my code to read this URL, I get only part way and it hangs. It hangs at the same point every time.

And where exactly is that?

What could be the problem? Is there a limit on the bytes?

It's hard to tell. It looks like your code outputs lines as it reads them, so presumably somebody could look at those lines and perhaps figure something out from there. But so far you're the only person who has any information about those lines.

In other words, you have a lot more information than we do. And yet you ask us for help with your problem. Things would go a lot more smoothly if you shared that information with the people who you are asking for help.

Hi Paul,
I just posted the output in a previous post. It always stops at that point. I just noticed that if I don't have the System.out to print, it goes the whole way in that test program.
What other information would be needed to help on this issue?

If I have a URL and I need to download from there, is there a way to get the whole thing in one read instead of line by line?
11 years ago
When I run the above, I get this. There is a lot that it should display.

11 years ago
I am trying to read this URL.

When I run my code to read this URL, I get only part way and it hangs. It hangs at the same point every time. What could be the problem?
Is there a limit on the bytes?

Is there a better way of doing this?

11 years ago

I have an XML String which contains <Amount>2500.00</Amount>

This XML is created from a Java bean. If a user enters 2,500.00 instead, the application will blow up. So in our validation XSL, I want to add code that removes all non-digits and all other characters except a period. Yes yes, if someone enters 2.5.00, it will still have problems, but lets keep that aside for now.

What code do I add to do this?

For a program that I am writing, I need to validate a number passed in, in the form of a String.

The rule is: Eliminate all characters other than digits (0-9) and a period (.).

For example:
If you pass in "2500", it should return "2500".
If you pass in "2500.00", it should return "2500.00".
If you pass in "2,500.00", it should return "2500.00".
If you pass in "2,500.00", it should return "2500.00".
If you pass in "2,5##00.00", it should return "2500.00".

I am trying to find a regexp that expressed the condition above of "digit or period". Is "\D\." correct? I plan on using this with String.replaceAll method.
18 years ago

We have two web based J2EE applications that we run on WebSphere Aplication Server 5.0 and it uses Dynacache to provide the dynamic caching to speed it up. The performance of one application improves, but the application is degraded. The second application uses axis.jar, I was wondering if anyone had similar problems and whether axis.jar causes any interference with dynacache to render it harmful. Is this anything to do with classpaths?

18 years ago

I have an ActionForm bean that contains an ArrayList of records that I display in a JSP file using the <logic:iterate> tag. My problem is these records are updateable fields, so how do I code it so that it catches the changes? As of now, the setter for the ArrayList is not called at all, so there is no update and it remains stuck at the previous values. I have a workaround where I get the values from the request in the Action class and update the ArrayList there. How do I do it in a more Struts way?

18 years ago
Thank you, everybody!
19 years ago
Hey guys, I just found out that I passed the SCJD 1.4 Certification securing 378/400! My project was the B&S.

Grade: P
Score: 378
Comment: This report shows the total number of points awarded for each section. The maximum number of points is 400, to pass you need a score of 320. Section Summary:

Section Max Actual Points Points
General Con: 100 92
Documentation: 70 64
OOD: 30 30
GUI: 40 36
Locking: 80 80
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 36

Total: 400 378

I am a bit disappointed with the scoring for GUI, General Con and Network Server but extremely thrilled with my score for locking.

JavaRanch was invaluable, thanks to the owners and admins of this great forum, thanks to all the ranchers who painstakingly reply to some of the dumbest questions that we all ask, and a personal note to George Marinkovich, thanks to you for being the most helpful! Thanks to Max Habibi, his book is the Bible for this test. Those of you starting with this, go buy the book!

There is some confusion about where the results are posted, I suggest that everyone check here I have mine posted there, but not in the other sites. It took me 7 weeks to get my score... Sun needs to do something about this, I had to email and then it came up.

SCWCD... here I come!
[ June 09, 2004: Message edited by: Sanjay Joshi ]
19 years ago

Originally posted by Sanjay Joshi:
I took the written test on Apr 21 and just checked all three sites, nothing yet.

I took the written test on Apr 21 and just checked all three sites, nothing yet.
Hi Andrew,

The URL does not work.

Do you think it might be posted under
I logged in and it says "Tested" under SCJD. Any idea what that means?



Originally posted by Andrew Monkhouse:
Hi Sanjay,

From the JavaRanch SCJD FAQ:


Regards, Andrew

Where will they post my result? Is it here:

I am told that the books that exist are for version 1.3. I am just beginning to look into reading material for the 1.4 version, can someone tell me what books are good to buy for the 1.4 version?
Thanks Terry, you answered my Q too.
Good luck to all!

Originally posted by Terry Martinson:
Here's how it was for me.
The certmanager site did NOT show anything after the upload/essay test was done to indicate that I had completed those steps. For me, it showed nothing until after my assigment was graded and entered into the database.
When your assignment finally gets graded, you will all of the sudden have an additional line item out there in the certmanager site for the Developer Exam. It will list P or F, a point total and a Detail button which allows you to see the detail comments/point breakdown.
Hope that helps.

19 years ago