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Recent posts by Siddhartha Bhattacharya

I dont think so. The instructions clearly say it has to be HTML (unless they changed it since I took it in Nov '04). You can convert your diagrams to images(jpeg) and embed them in HTML.
If your diagrams are big, converting them to PDF could screw them up if you try to print from pdf.
Did you try ?
Though I must say unless people get some new assignments/scenarios for SCEA it will lose its significance. Most of the existing assignment questions are already beaten to death on the net and there is very little effort involved in getting your class/component and sequence diagrams together...
SCWCD is a waste of money and far too easy ( I am sure way too easy for you since you have such high scores in your SCJP and SCBCD).
I think SCEA will be a good challenge for you.
I don't know if you are working on the assignment for SCEA and your question is directed at that but here are my 2 cents on a generic scenario

AirlineCompany 1 -> * Aircraft 1 -> 1 equipment

A Flight is related to bookings created
1 Booking -> * Segment 1 -> 1 Flight -> 1 Equipment 1 -> * Seat
Not really. One aircraft/flight maps to one Equipment.
We are not designing for Boeing ;-) . Its a travel reservation company.
Think from their perspective. What could they possibly do with Aircraft <=> equipment design? Keep it simple..
Line items make a *lot* of sense with respect to pricing and material management.
Imagine mananging inventory / pricing a DESKTOP PC Order . This has probably 10-15 line items which are different products. Line items are not limited to tangible goods, in other words you can also have a discount coupon as a line-item for an Order. Ultimately you want to price your Order based on the cost of its line-items and you also want to keep track of inventory of individual line items(products/spare parts).

Ticketing (Actual printing of the tickets) is done after the Order is created and payment applied to the reservation.
Seat/Inventory is reserved when the Order is created.

Order Creation -> Reserve Seat -> Order # generated -> Apply Payment -> Ticketing
Yes thats true..Especially the persistence model..
That means existing SCBCD certificates can be trashed ;-)
Using Tomcat 3.2.4. I am getting the following error during JSP pre-compilation

'BAD File to include' for this statement in jsp include
--> /include/IncludeFile.jsp

The file exists. I can't change it to relative path. Why is jspc throwing an error for this? Any ideas?

18 years ago
He can change any segment in his itin. Even connecting flights (Ex he wants to add another stop between his outbound connecting flight). There are just too many scenarios that are possible in a real-world application. I guess from the exam perspective, keep it simple. Let him change whatever he wants and assume your pricing routine takes care of validity, discounts, condition types etc..

Good luck
Not really. It really depends on what all scenarios you want to address. If you looking at a pricing point of view, you can price all the segments independently and then have a reduced rate if there are connections.
You can always change your itin to A-D and still have C-B valid with the 'arrival' to C unknown (in other words the passenger walked, drove, flew some other airline) from D to C.
Consider a real life example of inter-island flights or changing between LGA, JFK, EWR gateways.
operator overloading. string concatenation.
Not until we have EJB 3.0 (entity beans) out which I heard is what hibernate is now (maybe even better)!

There is tons of info on Part I in SCEA and SCEA PREP yahoogroups. You can write your own book reading all that.

Good luck