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Recent posts by Jimmy Wang

I have just completed my SCEA assignment, and proceeded to upload it at galton.com/~sun. The system returned with an error saying that I do not have the rights to upload it. I already e-mailed the folks in charge to correct this problem.
Has anyone encountered uploading problems? And how long does it take to fix it?
Do we have to create interaction diagrams for each use case or only for the detailed use cases?


Is EJB really required for the design? I can easily do almost of the work in regular JavaBeans. The sole exception might be with the itinerary class/payment class since that involves transactions.

4. How to study for legacy architecture?
Do Ian Anderson's mock exam on legacy architecture(link to the page provided above). Keep on doing it until you have memorized everything. The legacy questions are based on knowing this.
2. Where iare the mock exams?
Go here ---->
1. http://www.ianswebpage.com/cert/index.htm
2. http://groups.yahoo.com/scea_j2ee
Then, go to the Files section, and search thru there.
Hi. Let me answer one question at a time.

1) What items may you take to the exam room? Bring your own pens/pencils. The testing facility will supply you with the paper.
Hi folks!
I took the Java Architect exam for Part 1, and I passed with the score of 89%. Here is the breakdown:
Concepts 83%
Common Architectures 83%
Legacy Architectures 100%
EJB 88%
EJB Container Model 100%
Protocols 100%
Applicability of J2EE 100%
Design Patterns 100%
Messaging 66%
Internationalization 100%
Security 50%

The exam
I found the exam to be extremely wordy, and not too many code examples. The verbose questions are usually the architecture ones. The best way to handle those is to draw a picture and jot down the key words (such as Corba, secure, https, mainframe). It organizes the info logically; so, it will help you in determining the answer.
I had only 2 questions on applet security. I studied security intensely, but could not answer one of them.
I think the main design patterns on the test were iterator, observer, state, proxy, factory, and adaptor.
For UML, make sure you know what is composition vs aggregation, generalization and realization. Also, if you see a UML diagram that you can express the diagram in a sentence.
Of course, the most important are EJB's. But it is not that difficult.
How I prepared
To gain knowledge in EJB's, I read the "Mastering EJB's" by Ed Roman. It is a very good book. O'Reilly's "Enterprise JAvaBeans" by Monson-Hafael is just as good.
Once I was done reading the book, I went through John W's notes (John's notes is at http://www.javaranch.com/scealinks.jsp). Basically, I took a few weeks time reading the notes over and over again until I literally memorized it.
Then, I took the mock exams. I thought Ian Anderson's and Sanjay's exam were the best. (I cannot find the Ian's link right now. Sanjay's link is at http://groups.yahoo.com/scea_prep). They really drilled the fundamentals. Make sure you go over the exams several times till you are perfectly clear. Ian's exam is very similiar to the straight forward portion of the real exam. But once you have mastered the fundamentals, you should not have any problems