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Recent posts by frank meng

Allexicus Kernikus wrote:
Does that mean a sample question would be what does the SAXParser wrap (e.g. SAXReader) and which Handlers does it use (e.g. ContentHanlder etc.) - in contrast to API questions that are asked with the SCWCD like return types, signatures etc...?

It seems as if the SCDJWS is very different to other exams (like the SCJP or SCWCD) - I remember those going into great detail on APIs signatures etc.

Is it save to assume that studying whole interfaces (e.g. SAXReader & what not) is not necessarily required to pass?

I agree with you on the SAXParser example. It is the kind of semantic questions I expected.

After all, there is only a small fraction of questions regarding to these APIs, so I don't think it is worth to memorize the APIs in detail.
Thanks. I do remember there was API specific question, it did not ask the syntax though. It questions the semantic of the API.
I passed the exam -- scored 62%. The exam was long and challenging. I was surprised to see so many JAXR related questions – probably 10 or more? But anyway, I am happy to the final result.

In my preparation, I mainly stick on the Study Notes from Ivan A. Krizsam. Thank you very much, Ivan. Another great resource is SOA.Using.Java.Web.Services from Mark D. Hansen. It is deep and to the point.

As always, many thanks to the ranchers!

Count me in. I am living in Toronto.
Can someone provide a comparison of the two technologies in JavaEE development?

I know Reza Rahman did some.
StarUML. It is free and good enough.
My Part I score was 71 -- quite humble.

Couple of weeks still means lot of time to me. I think I would take some mock tests and carefully review the whole reading once more. My reading list is from this forum.

I remember there were lots of EJB questions.
What a wonderful ending of 2008!

Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions posted here!

I personally prefer to have an application service layer (pojo) aggregating most of business logic, if the business logic is not trivial.

However, the EntityManager cannot simply be injected to the pojo classes in EJB3, and I don't think passing an instance of EntityManager is an elegant idea either, because that way pojos are tied to the container.

Is there any other options?

Can someone tell me how to inject a remote EJB reference? For example, I have a Web app deployed on machine A, and an EJB deployed on machine B. How do I refer to the EJB in my web app? Lookup is not an option in my case.

Hello Venkat,

In which area and how people have applied the combination of Groovy and JMX? Can you name a few and point out what the benefits are?

13 years ago
Hello Sas Jacobs,

What is the best approach to adopting the new GUI style which AJAX brings about at client-side and keeping our exist investment on the server-side? We already have a web application built on STRUTS and Expresso (another Framework).I think I am kind of looking for a Framework combining Struts and Ajax.

Thank you Jeremy. IBM is changing too fast to be followed.