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Hai all!
I passed SCJP with 85% today. I found that K&B is the most suitable book and Dan and Marcus's mocks tests are very help for this test.
I got the questions as follows:
Threads : 6 to 8
GC : 3 to 4
Encapsulation : 2
Collections : 3
Assertions : 2
Overriding and overloading : 7 to 8
String, StringBuffer : 4 to 6
Math : 4 to 6
and so on.
Mock tests in various sites and especially javaranch site really helped me a lot in my preparation.
I would like to thank all the members of this big forum.
[ June 19, 2003: Message edited by: saikrishna ]
19 years ago
What happens when you attempt to compile and run these two files in the same directory?
package MyPackage;
class P1{void afancymethod(){ System.out.println("What a fancy method");
public class P2 extends P1{
public static void main(String argv[]){P2 p2 = new P2();
1) Both compile and P2 outputs "What a fancy
method" when run
2) Neither will compile
3) Both compile but P2 has an error at run time
4) P1 compiles cleanly but P2 has an error at
compile time
Answer given as 4.
Please let me know in detail why the remaining options are incorrect.
Thank you in advance.