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Congratulations, Adrian!
Happy to know that our material was helpful in your preparation

You can do either 8 or 11. The decision really depends on your objective (i.e. why do you want to get certified) and your current level of expertise. This article might be helpful.

No, you do not need to take two exams to get OCP Java 11 cert. Only one exam 1z0-819 is required. Check out this article.

Congratulations on passing and thanks for the feedback!
Glad to know our material was helpful in your preparation
Your mock exams scores (78,74 and 70) are good. Finish the rest of the mock tests and you should be good to go.
Just make sure you go through all the explanations (preferably for all questions but at least for the ones you answered incorrectly) before taking the next test.
Congratulations on passing, Rt, and thanks for your detailed feedback!

Some topics may not seem like they are on OCP 8, especially when one does not get any question on them in the real exam, but they are. The real exam has a large number of questions in their database and every test taker may not get a question on every topic/subtopic. We add questions to the question bank based on the feedback that we get from our classroom trainees as well as from other candidates who pass the exam.
Also, we err on the side of caution by going a little bit beyond the scope to ensure that a user is not blindsided in the exam. It is better to know more than less because even one question may make a different between pass and fail.

BTW, checked out your quiz app. Very nice. Over 500 questions to recap the factoids and tricks that one must remember for the exam. Users will certainly find them useful.

All the best!

Congratulations and thanks for the detailed feedback!

Ashana Hurkens wrote:
Unfortunately I fail every test I took so far (around the 30, 40% instead of 65%), which really makes me unhappy because I really want to pass this test.

Ideally, your score should improve after a couple of mock tests. If it has not then it implies that your concepts are still shaky. It would be better to stop taking mock tests at this stage and go through a book (preferably a different one than what you have already gone through to keep it interesting).

Ashana Hurkens wrote:
I also looked on coderanch for similarly posts about the exam and I noticed that some people spoke about practicing code snippets on NotePad, which I have on my computer.
But how can you practice these code snippets? Do you write them down from the mock exams from Enthuware and then test the in Notepad or do you make up your own code and then test it in Notepad?

Try doing the coding exercises given at the end of each chapter in this book. Go through the chapter and then do the coding exercises.

Once you do the above, do Standard Tests (instead of objective wise tests) from the Enthuware suit. After each test, go through the explanation of each question (including the ones you answered correctly). If you score very low (<30%) on a topic, then go through that topic from a book again before taking the next test.

You will see that your score will increase substantially after a few tests. Finally, once you are confident about your knowledge, take the Last Day Test (questions from this test do not appear in any other test such as objective wise test, so they will be completely new for you.).

All the best!
Congratulations on passing. Great score on such a tough exam  
thanks for the detailed feedback!
Congratulations on passing and thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

Sagar Shroff wrote:Hi ranchers, it’s been a while I posted something but now I am back as I am planning to upgrade my oracle Java certification. Long time back I had cleared ocjp6 certification, does it make me eligible to give this exam in question?

I understand that oracle has a separate oracle upgrade certification 817. However, on looking through the objectives of both exams; I am more keen to give 819.

Thanks for your time.


Yes, you can take it. There is no prerequisite for the 1z0-819 exam. Anyone can take it irrespective of what other certification they may or may not have.

Campbell Ritchie wrote: What about 1Z0‑809→the Java8→11 upgrade test?

Man, that is an expensive option - $245 for 808 + $245 for 809 + $245 for 817!
Also, you can't avoid studying hard and practicing writing code no matter how you slice and dice it.
So, don't be afraid, start working towards 819 seriously with good books. That's what I would suggest.

Promt Bvb wrote:

You might want to check out this article to know the details and to get an idea of which one might be suitable for you:

Thank you for the link. I just tried to book an OCA, and was surprised - the price is 245$, BUT as it is in your article and as I used to know it was 150$, this was changed recently?

Right, they increased the price recently from $150 to $245. Actually, $245 was the regular price for several years until last year.
Who knows. They may change it again!

akhila anu wrote:Thank you so much for your answer.

I also want to know how hard it is to crack the Java 11 professional certification (1Z0-819) directly for a beginner with out any prior certifications.

1Z0-819 is certainly tough for a beginner irrespective of whether you have any prior certification. Having said that, it is not undoable if you put in the required efforts.

akhila anu wrote:
Would it be better to do the Java 8 Associate level certfication(1Z0-808) first and then would it a bit easier to do the Java 11 professional certification (1Z0-819) in the future?

Yes, that would make it a little easier because you would be able to strengthen your core concepts prior to moving on to the advanced ones. But you would have to do 819 soon after if you want to take advantage of what you have learnt for 808 because people start forgetting the little details required to pass Java certification exams soon after passing the exam. Also it would be twice as expensive. A better option would be to just take OCAJP 8 mock exams first. Do them on your own in a test setting (i.e. maintain timer etc.). This will cost you only $10. Once you start passing those with good margin, you can move on to 1z0819.