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Recent posts by Yan Bai

Thanks Stan,
the 2nd option works great.
16 years ago
I have 'System.out' lines in jsp/servlet pages, for basic debug purpose. Since the default system.out and system.err devices are the screen, the output information I specified are all mixed with Tomcat's embedded msg.

I want to seperate the information, e.g. let Tomcat intact, but output my system.out to somewhere else, such as a plain text file.

Instead of writing a redirect program by my own, I remember there's a way to change teh default output device for JVM, but how? your inputs are very appreicated...
16 years ago
I found where the problem is.

I have JRE1.5 (not JDK) installed under a different folder than JDK1.5. that's the reason why after PATH is setup to 1.4, 'java -version' still says it's 1.5.

after uninstall JRE, 'java -version' gave what specified in PATH env.
16 years ago
Thanks Stan.
1st one cannot be used coz it's a web application.
I am curious about the 2nd option. how can it be used in a web environment?
or is there a way to change the default output device from screen to something else?
16 years ago
I remember there's a way for System.out output to a file, so it can be saved easily. does anyone know how?

16 years ago
On windows, I installed both j2sdk1.4 and jdk1.5 (1.4 for working, 1.5 for personal)
environmental variables are: PATH as 1.4/bin, JAVA_HOME is where 1.4 is.
so after these, I thought 1.4 is the version of java i am using now, but when i try 'java -version' on command line, 1.5 shows up.
If I disable PATH, 'javac' (compile) won't work, means i am still using 1.4 to compile. however, 'java' works fine.
I guess there's something i should setup as well as PATH and JAVA_HOME. maybe CLASSPATH? I wonder.
Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
Never mind. I figured them out. thanks!
16 years ago
JBOss's getting start tutorial drive me crazy, please someone help me out
I have two scripts missed in the jbossj2ee-src.zip file. where can I get them?

THanks a million!
16 years ago
please input any suggestions about how to feed ANT a file name on the command line, and compile just one or several files instead of the whole package.
16 years ago
Plus, I've tried tomcat/webapps/cln/jsp or tomcat/webapps/, none of them worked. and it's mandatory, cannot leave it blank.
I know this topic should be posted at IDE forum, but I've posted a question this early morning there, no response until now...

I am just trying netbean 5.0, trying to load the project that I'm doing right now, got confused about those folders that I shall put in.

the project structure is as:

I input /tomcat/webapps/cln as the project folder, when i input the same as for web folder, error shows that 'Web pages Folder overlaps project folder', it doesn's allow me to finish.

Please help, I've been stuck here all day.


Hi, I am new with IDE, have been using vi on linux and gvim on windows for some small projects.

I have netbean3.6 installed on windows xp, is it possible to use VI or VIM as the editor in netbean? if yes, how to make it work?


Hi all,
My classpath is set as:
setenv CLASSPATH /disk/.../mmc:.
I have a java file under /disk/.../mmc/server/
I tried to compile it under server folder, but always get NoClassDefFoundError.
If I comment line1 out and compile this file under server directory, it compiles ok.
I was sucked
Thanks in advance for your help!
19 years ago

Originally posted by William Brogden:
Every time I run it the output is "another" - ??

If add a while loop in B's run() method, you'll see that only several lines are printed.

Because A is a daemon, B is generated by A, both are daemon threads. When other user thread terminate (only 'main' thread in this case), daemon threads are terminated too.

The above code give NullPointerException at line1.
Some1 plz tell what is wrong at line 1.
thanx in advance

How about change line 2 with line 3, then delete line 3? I think the reason is because 'ctr' is not initialized when it is used in paint() method.
[ November 22, 2002: Message edited by: Yan Bai ]