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I have an application which opens an excel spreadsheet upon clicking a link.
Everything is working fine apart from the fact that before the excel sheet is displayed, The browser comes up with a popup saying "The workbook you are opening contains macros....".
The problem is that if the user toggles between the browser and any other application before clicking the yes,no, or cancel buttons on the popup, the popup goes right behind everything and the browser goes into a hang state.
Any ideas to keep the popup on the top even if the user toggles between applications.
Any help much appreciated.
19 years ago
Is it possible to create a folder or a file on the web server from a servlet?
If so, How can I do it ?
19 years ago
I need to open an excel sheet when the user clicks on a link.
When I run the code I get SAVE/ DOWNLOAD dialog box.
Is it possible to get around the SAVE/DOWNLOAD dialog and open the excel sheet directly.
In other words, is it possible to download the excel sheet to a temp directory and open it from there.
Please help,
Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
I guess what is happening is that the URL gets displayed in the title of the excel spreadsheet and the macro appends the title to the maro name.
Is there a way to display the file name in the title instead of the URL from where it is downloaded.
Waiting for a response. Thanks
19 years ago
I have a web application which opens an excel spreadsheet upon clicking a link.
It all works fine but there are a few macros on the excel sheet and they don't seem to work.
This is the code I use to open the excel sheet:
ServletOutputStream sout = null;
try {
sout = response.getOutputStream();
} finally {
if (sout != null) {
where the result object has the info for mime type as "application/msexcel" and the data is loaded from the database.
The macros are there but when a button is clicked on the excel sheet
it displays an error saying "the macro'!clearcontents' cannot be found".
where is the original URL for opening the excel sheet and clearcontents is the macro name.
Any help would be appreciated.
19 years ago
I need to send a xml file to a session bean as a parameter of a method.
How do I do it?