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Jessica Lang

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since Jul 23, 2002
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Recent posts by Jessica Lang

<Are your apps still using green screens?>
Yeah, the apps that I am working on are still on green screens.

Yeah, I think knowing Java and then learning C# will be better, rather than from rpg to Java.

You are very rite when you say that i-series job market is declining. I think people are still able to find jobs (a few) in i-series....but mainly for maintenance purpose. In other words, can't expect much expansion from the job.

It seems to be now, putting hope in *i-series java* is not a good bet. Maybe this is good: Java FIRST, followed by C# eh?

What do you guys think?....
20 years ago
Hi all,
<When you say WebSphere as an IDE you are probably referring to WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD)...>
Yeah, when I said Websphere, it was referring to WSAD.

<which is: everyone has his/her/its favourite, there is no clear winner or looser, everyone is happy and has marketshare.>
This is very true....but I am thinking who has the *biggest* marketshare at the moment....any idea?

Thanks all..!
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what is the most popular or common use Java IDE in the current market at the moment? I heard of Websphere and Eclipse...are they widely use in companies or is there any others?

Thanks in advance..!
Thanks Herb for all the *great* advices. I really appreciate your *immediate* replies there..!

At the moment, at work, I am very much *locked down* to rpg way, I can do anything on Java in i-series stuff. With your analysis, I am still very much *undecided* between Java and C#.

I think in the long term.....picking up C# may be a better choice...eap for a newbie to me...but then in the near term, Java may be a better bet for me. But then again, finding a Java job in i-series doesn't seem to be good...I can't seem to find any local advertisements for Java in i-series...

Please advise again...!
20 years ago
Thanks for sharing the tots. Actually, after almost 10 years of being in rpg i-series....I am thinking of re-skilling. I tot about Java....hoping that I can get a good job in Java i-series. But then again, after hearing your comments....I am thinking if Microsoft C# dot net is my better bet?

Some friends been advising me that one can't be a Master of all trades (either Java or C#)

Please advise and thanks....I am very *undecided* now....
20 years ago
Hi everyone,

I would like to know what's the current market like for Java in IBM i-series systems. Can anyone share some tots here? If possible, I would like to how's the job market like for this specific (i-series) system and also are there many companies currently using it?

The reason that I am asking is I am thinking of making a transition from rpg world to Java....but then, locally, I don't see much of work demand of Java in i-series system.

Thanks in advance....!
20 years ago
I am from Malaysia....Anyone here?....
I bought the following book for almost a year now:
Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-035 & 310-027)by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
But I have lost the cd. Is it possible to get the cd without having to buy the book again?
YES YES...I am interested too.....
20 years ago
I am in the mid-range (AS/400) system for a long time...and have been programming in structural language (RPG/400). I know how you feel. Currently, I am trying to get myself certified in Java.
Can I know what platform, OS and language did you use before this? Maybe, I am able to relate my experiences to 2 cents opinion...
20 years ago
Hmmm...seems like d skies r pretty gloomy for more IT people. Is the programmer market's real bad in d States?
20 years ago
Hi Billy,
It seems d sky is really GLOOMY on your side eh? What I can suggest is to be patient and stay strong.....d sky will turn lighter one day...
20 years ago
Like Gene, I am very much inspired too....
20 years ago
Thanks Paul. I can use your sechedule as a guidance in planning for my time too.
21 years ago