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Recent posts by stephen Kang

The example he was talking on the site might be:
A program in the windows to make microsoft windows' windows.
The biggest lies in the CS is benchmark along with Quicksort, FP operation, gcc, etc. If one still doubt, consult with hannesy peterson's Computer Systems Organization.
It seems like java has more bright future than vb or microsoft driven mfc stuffs since "the technologies" working for the NET doesn't want to persuade the programmer. It seems he doesn't have right education about os level instructions or doesn't know about the lie of benchmarking.
The benchmakring really depends on the systems's library, processors' instruction, kernel, and the COMPILER'S lookup LIBRARY.
What if they test the sample programm runnig with win3.1 dos system using visual Basic and jdk1.4 on Redhat 8?
Or WinXP using C# and PDP-DEC using java 1 doesn have enough library and tons of bugs?
Why do they create another Virtual Machine and MS Java if they think so stupid. it's a joke. Do you still like to play with hell-DLL problem? go for VB6. not Fake Java .NET.
The alogrithm for garbage collection improves more and more as long as sun guys don't take a nap during working day time. It surely does. Having been debugging memory leak related destructor problem only enough to use java over c++.
The guy was right at one point. The language does not matter. The algorithm matters. so, operating systems does not matter. the structure does matter.
Using wine or VMware, guess running using VB code or MFC driven VC++?
The other factor is the performance of the compiler for GCC is a lot faster than MFC. Why don't they use gcc instead of sluggish proprietary mfc.
here is one example of simeple lie:
Oh dear.
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19 years ago
I would go to MBA program if i really want to pursue the higher education.
As CS serves industry, MBA does same thing in terms of career and money. After laying off from Bell/Motolorola/IBM lab something like that, one's chance might be one should be looking for the totally not experienced area as a sales people or an engineer. That's not just matter of money but can be painful experiences, either.
Besides, what do you do in Onion like layers of layers in the big lab as a newbie PHD graduate? you must be part of small segment in the big company project. This was true when i heard the tale from my friend, who is in the DSP alogrithm layer in the one of the premier laboratory in the country. The guy told me he thought he knows something about his area right after PHD, but he realised he doesn't know almost anything about the other layer. it means he doesn't know what he is doing in a big spectrum of his company project.
The chance i would consider pursuing CS PHD is in case i am a real "Tehcnology Hungry Nerd", who can ignore family matter and my hobbies over smelly monitor through my life time.
I would go to (applied) Mathematics or Physics
area if i really like academia R&D not for money. At least, those areas look deals with much more profound academic spirit than chasing the project for the money directly.
But that's only my personal preference.
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19 years ago
zack ma,
Does the web form copy the idea of Xform in W3C SPEC?
I am not sure where it comes from. Are they creating another vendor specific extension to probibit the standardization? They already gave up using their version of XDR stuffs.
educate me if i misunderstand it.
19 years ago
I would be interested in developing TabletPC in windows systems if i really need to develop it. Not.NET. No thanks.
It seems sun realised not every company needs to deploy EJB containers, thus you can clearly see the chocie without using EJB in J2EE 1.4. That's improvement. Sometimes just using Stored Procedure will cost down.
Has anybody interested in developing Haskell or ML for the future?
19 years ago
Chris mattew,
Is it you from UIUC ECE?
let me know whether it's the one who i know or someone else.
19 years ago
What about b, or h in Germany instead of C-flat?
And it should be clearly said major or minor.
19 years ago
No, you should buy .NET IDE (3-4 CDs) in order to use it. It's a visual IDE includes ASP.NET,ADO.NET, VB.NET,C#.NET,and enterprise services (trying to be EJB, but it uses stored procedure and lacks the means for the business logics).
For IIS, i am not sure how much you can deploy it, but I am able to download and install IIS on WinXP propessional. When you buy Windows 2000 server(license fee of single server is $1500 for 15 client machines), IIS comes together. $1000 something for MS SQL server 2000. how much exchange server? Who said it's cheap?
Server OS + MS SQL Server + Exchanger Server + VS.NET IDE
compare to that above,
Linux (sadly, Redhat AS 2.1 costs a lot now, but many company still want to use 7.3/8.0 with no cost) + PostgreSQL , DB2, or Oracle + sendmail (free) + JBoss, Websphere/Weblogic(including Apache). Linux is much more scalable and stable.
In terms of TOC, i don't think MS Solution is much cheaper than linux/java solution,yet. You should buy lots of lots of machines to deploy simple little things. In terms of maintenance cost, linux is more cheaper than win2k systems because you need to have small amount of skillful linux/unix admin guys to do their jobs.
I haven't heard many big companies seriously consider .NET as enterprise services. If you say ASP.NET is everything about .NET, then i don't have any thing to say.
The thing is linux/java solution has a variety you can choose JBoss(free), Apache umbrella(many companies love to use apache stuffs since it's standard), websphere/weblogic, and eclipse, netbeans developing tools, and DBs(db2,oracle).
[ April 01, 2003: Message edited by: stephen Kang ]
19 years ago
Take a look at this
I know this is not strictly relevant with J2EE vs .NET, but there is some corelationship.
I had some projects using VB.NET, ADO.NET, DCOM, Stored Procedure, MS version of DOM and XSL, and MS SQL Server 2000. It's quite easy for the developer to use .NET. BUT while i was doing .NET projects, I was sick and tired of looking up the sample code in MS library and excerpts, finally moved to Java. If you want to go with .NET, you have to completely dependent on every products in one specific vendors.
I don't doubt VB is king of client sides. But in the serverside i still doubt .NET can reach J2ee and its compliants except asp (not
Is IIS application server to compare with weblogic/websphere? i have thought that's webserver you can compare with Apache.
Take a look at the other site about web-server survey.
You can see Apache is uprising. Very few apache runs with windows, which can be run by .net, ms sql server, asp, etc.
I envision the company losing Unix market(guess who,,, it's sun) could heavily focused on software market(java/j2ee) later on, and the big guys like ibm, hp/compaq, and the intel could sell the hardware using enlightning cheap Linux server. Even Larry at Oracle have already moved the step to linux/java/j2ee.
I feel like .NET fails the market(I mean the server side, though that still can manage to cheap client side).
I guess it's time for Linux+java. Don't hesitate try to use .NET if you stil think worthwhile to try it. I would try dotGNU (not mono) then we will see whether C# library can be ported as J2EE compliant. Google, Amazon, Yahoo(freeBSD) all runs with linux (so i guess it must be J2EE compliants). Even Dell except NT webserver heavily uses linux with Oracle DBs.(they say NT webserver isn't broken, that's why they are just using win2000 server)). I wonder why money greedy Sun doesn give up solaris and focus on Java/J2ee products.
[ April 01, 2003: Message edited by: stephen Kang ]
19 years ago
After the graduate last year and having a difficulty getting a right position in IT, i sort of abandoned using C++ in terms of market share. (well i think I almost forgot about STL in C++). And i decided to move to IT area from soft engineering utilizing JAVA/J2EE/XML/Content Management tools like websphere/JBoss
But recently, i was interested in developing some telecom/wireless/voice embededed systems in Linux.
My doubt is
Is java okay to match the speed of rapid growing embeded stuffs mainly using DSPs in Linux stuffs? If so, how much do we need to deal with native C code and/or assemly line. I don't have any background of J2ME or these embeded systems(network telecom/wireless/voice).
Thank you
19 years ago
or lynx
Still i love to use lynx to download. yes, wget is better.
19 years ago
sorry about mistyping.

i_user$cd $JAVA_HOME
i_user$$JAVA_HOME/bin/java --version
like that.
I mean in order to run your j2sdk in your bash,
every time you can open your shell, and do the commands,
ex_user$/usr/j2se/bin/java -version or
But, you can export JAVA_HOME environment variable in your bash shell.
ex_user$export JAVA_HOME=/usr/j2se
ex_user$echo $JAVA_HOME
=> /usr/j2se
ex_user$export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin AND
(means you haven't exported your PATH variable)
=> you can compile at this current shell, but later, you need to export the path when you login again or open the new shell.
misc thing, when you want to unset exported env variable you made on your current shell, simply type
it will unset the current(JAVA_HOME) env variable.
you could put those in your .bashrc on your home directory.
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/j2se
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:/sbin/:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin ... etc
in order to install netbeans,eclipse,j2ee,and lots of apache stuffs, you better specify your env variable in your .bashrc or /etc/profile to the global though you can export the env variable everytime when you open up the new shell.
or am I missing your point again?
Firstly, you might be confused with bash stuff in linux, but later, you would really enjoy how easy and flexible to use env variable or some other shell command in linux shell to deploy/develope java. I was tired of setting env variable in windows.
Another misc stuff, change the /etc/man.config
add one more line there
MANPATH=/usr/j2se <= in your case
now, you will see the man page of java in your shell
ex_user$man jdb
will show man page for jdb
if you want to update 'whatis' database for man page, simply type
[ March 13, 2003: Message edited by: stephen Kang ]
[ March 13, 2003: Message edited by: stephen Kang ]
19 years ago
Your error message looks your process doesn't have right access permission using your java application.
thus, when you simply run jre, it violates Xwindow DISPLAY, which is good for the security reason,anyways.
Assume you don't have access root permission in your home directory on bash shell.
$ whoami
$ echo $DISPALY
$ su -
#export DISPALY
#echo $DISPALY
#cd ~i_user/$JAVA_HOME/bin <-- assume u have JAVA_HOME variable on your .bashrc, otherwise you can go to that directory .e.g) /usr/java/j2sdk_1.4.1_02

it will fix your problem.
the difference of command 'su' and 'su -' are you can use root's enviroment variable on your user X windows.
check out man for 'su'.
hope that it will help.
[ March 11, 2003: Message edited by: stephen Kang ]
19 years ago
Sorry about late reply. I was in South florida for one week. So, i didn't have internet connection down there.
You must be right. I think i should go with Redhat at this moment. It seems Redhat is favorable dist in the us market as Suse is for Europe.
Thesse days, it's so hard for one to keep plugging to new job. I might focus on more technical knowledge, which i think much more valuable in the long term than developing position.
I am thinking about getting CCNA,LPI, or OCP DBA.I am not confident about getting RHCE at this moment. ($750 is not that small!!)
Though tons of people have those Certs, i guess those prepares better for me to have potential job opportunity in the long period.
Your comment guides me a good confidence.
Thank you.
19 years ago
Currently, i am working on java - xml as a developer though it's contract position and not stable.
I love to work on sys-db admin with linux based system so that i could look for architect position in the future. I used to be SigUnix while i was in college as FreeBSD guru (i mean as a student guru .
Anyways, does suse is well configured with ibm products? Seems like united linux, initiated by sco, suse, and two more distribution company and hp, ibm want to encourage this dist, could be big buzzword soon.
What about the certification like Linux+, LPI, and RHCE?
Is it gonna help me to land syslinux job in this harsh market?
is it okay with some gnu linux, gentoo, or slackware with those enterprise products?
Your comment will be appreciated.
19 years ago
another thing is SuSe is good for the database performance since default file system using ReiserFS instead of ext3.
But SuSe is good for european, Redhat is good for usa market. There is some connection suse and ibm though.
Websphere 5 and DB2 are supporting redhat 7.3 (kernel 2.4.10) not 8.0. not sure of suse.
I succeded to install
WSAD4.03(using IBM Http Server) and WSAD5(using Apache plugin), eclipse (forgot the version)
Websphere 4.03 and Websphere 5 Advanced version.
Lotus R5, R6
Oracle 9i-01, mysql and postgresql(7.2) on redhat 7.3
For Websphre 5 if you want to enable IBM MQ series, don't forget to add mqm and mkbrkrs user id and group id on it and set mqm's directory to /var/lib/mqm. otherwise, the installation will hang up.
Basic little thing is Java sdk is necessary any ibm and oracle products. Adding necessary environment variable and (db node name)SID to your .bashrc on your DB account profile is very important otherwise, you have to reinstall or even reinstall linux again.

I still have some problem with redhat 8.0 but don't have time to play.
Anyways, ow come nobody wants me to hire some system or db entry or trainee just because i don't have industry experience on this?
19 years ago