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Is this true. I am thinking SSL can only be configured on port 443 as thats what is used by HTTPS which is HTTP over SSL.

Just got off the phone with prometric and sun education. The certification exam has to be completed within one year or the expiration date on the voucher. I bought mine Jan 05 and it expires Jan 06. I was under the impression that I can reschedule the exam beyond, but keep getting the message "You are about to reschedule the exam listed below. You must click the appropriate button to process your request. Failure to do so will result in your current appointment not being rescheduled."

Good to get this information.
You'll be fine. I did the same except that my class files are under a directory and subdirectories and same with the source files. I did nested client and server jar files.
In my case I got the results in ten days.
Good Luck!!!
Thanks for all the wishes. All I can say is that I stick to this forum. I read RHE & Max's book and used RHE to get the idea on "Package distribution". Most of the time I read discussions here and tried to implement my ideas, posted questions here and discussed in depths.
Here is how I approached the assignment, as you'll find its a very common approach on this forum:-
1. Read RHE.
2. Read design patterns (books and online).
3. Used Factory and Facade Patterns.
4. Used RMI, Exception chaining, MVC in GUI
5. HTML help files inside JEditorPane.
6. javadoc at package level.
7. lock-unlock only for remote access. Create singleton LockManager class, synchronized lock, unlock methods. Used clientID for locking - unlocking.
8. Modified Data.
9. Modified DatabaseException.
10. Have my own TableModel and ColumnModel.
11. ReadMe.TXT was detailed.
12. packaged client.jar, server.jar, source files, class files and doc files into one single jar file.
13. Tested on sun solaris, windows 98 SE, NT and 2000. Build on 98 SE.
14. I downloaded assignment in July and worked on it till august by that time most of the code was ready (90%). Then took off for 3 months due to deadlines in office and some traning. December is holiday went to DisneyWorld in Early Jan and then started to work again in mid Jan. Coding done by mid Feb. Tested during feb and submitted mid march (upload size was 3.3 mb).
I can tell you all from my experience is that focus on the requirements, think how you can do better without increasing the scope, document all you can, and finally TEST HEAVILY.
BTW, all my exits from the GUI does NOT give a confirmation message to the user.
20 years ago
This is strange. I hope you have already checked what is inside It should have first line as :-
package suncertify.db;
You should also document it.
Search under Developer Certification for string "Exception Chaining" or "Chaining" and you'll get good information and some good links like the one from javaworld. I did the same thing.
Based on what you have said above I am assuming that you have a folder suncertify under project directory. If not then copy the suncertify folder under project.
Then try using the following command :-
c:\project>set classpath=c:\.
C:\project>jar -cvfm runserver.jar project\suncertify\ .
Let me know if this works.
I see that you are using manifest.txt instead of file and is missing the following lines:-
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.x.x (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
where x is the version of sun jdk that u use.
[ April 07, 2003: Message edited by: Samual Harvey ]
I would check the following:-
1. How I created the jar file, I mean what was the classpath set when I created the jar file and the source directory for the java files given to the jar utility.
2. Make sure the manifest file has correct entry for the main class file i.e package and class name.
3. If this is good then check the version of the jar utility.
Grade: P
Score: 155
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible number of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. Section Summary Report: General Considerations: Maximum=58 Deductions=0 Actual=58 Documentation: Maximum=20 Deductions=0 Actual=20 GUI: Maximum=24 Deductions=0 Actual=24 Server: Maximum=53 Deductions=0 Actual=53 Total: Maximum=155 Deductions=0 Certification Score=155
I uploaded the exam on March 15, 2003 and gave the follow-up exam on March 26, 2003. The results were uploaded today, so it was a fast evaluation from Sun's side.
I would like to thank all the javaranchers for helping me out in getting this done with flying colors, specially I would like thank Eugene, Mark Spritzler, Michael Morris as they have crtically anlayzed my questions. I would like to thank my wife, without her support it can not be possible. I remember now how many weekends we were stuck inside home as I was working on the assignment, but after I got the results today, I feel good about the effort that I put.
Overall, it was a very good learning experience for me as I learned the following to name a few out of many:-
1. RMI implementation & deployment.
2. Design Patterns (used Facade, Factory and MVC).

Thanks & Regards,
20 years ago
You can use any version of the JDK which is a release version. I would not recommend you using JDK 1.2.1 because:-
1. It is not longer avaiable for download.
2. It has some important bugs that got fixed in jdk1.2.2 example setMnemonic bug, etc.
This is nothing but the starting source (jar file) provided by Sun to complete the assigment. It has instructions also, but since Sun has changed the assignment, I dont know how much useful it can be?
I have also bought this book after getting some inputs from this forum, but I dont think it was of much utility for me, may be good for others. I used the RHE and found better then this one.
I took my essay exam on this Wednesday. It was based on the design choices. All the five questions were descriptive, I took 1 hr and 45 minutes to complete it and then I verified all the answers. When I finally hit the end button it was 8 minutes left out of the alloted 2 hrs. The reason I took that much time cause I described all the minute details. For each question I spend time in thinking what all should I include in my response and then I started typing. I am not that fast in typing but neither slow also.
Overall, the questions were easy to answer as they were based on what I did in the assignment.