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Recent posts by rgulati

For Question - 51
D is out - Design specifics is too early in the game.
C is out - because it is too early to talk about design patterns
B and A are two options according to me But I would go for A because the first thing is to identify nouns which are classes. Basically come up with the context diagram (Take a conceptual approach). Once the classes are identified, lay out the description. So I think 'A' should be the answer rather than 'B' because we should not identify objects first.
For question - 30
I would go for 'A'.
The use case should only reflect the analysis phase of the project. But to me, this use is more than the analysis phase. It is not totally talking about design, but to some extent design details are mixed with analysis approach.
Other option is 'C' but I would rule it out.
Use case can be broad. From use case, based on the number of scenarios, one can draw sequence diagram for each scenario. So at the end of the day there can be many Sequence diagrams from the use case - which practically means that the use case even though it is broad is valid.
Congratulations Jha !!
I am actually new to this site.
Could you please tell me where I can get
Velmurugan Periasamy's notes.
Thank you
21 years ago
Do you mind sharing eversion of the book. I am thinking of writing certification sometimes in next few months..
when do you plan to write the exam
Congrats !!
Good work !
21 years ago
Go to
Follow the links to forum and then UML Certification. It is the best forum I have ever seen for IBM 486 Certification. I passed the exam last week. Good luck