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is this helpful to you?
17 years ago
I may misunderstand your question....
What do you use for a Web server?
If a Web server and plugin are set up correctly, you do not need to use
a 9080 port.
You can access WebSphere by following url.
http://host name/login.jsp
Using 9080 ports is accessing direct WebSphere without using a
Web server.
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17 years ago
Isn't a "ADMA5004E" message recorded in WASPostUpgrade log file in your environment?
If so please see below.
17 years ago
This problem has occurred also in VAJ.
It is because CD image was not able to be read correctly.

And probably, it is avoidable by copying and installing the contents
of CD in a hard disk.
17 years ago
First,please see below

Next, suitable heap size is decided by the amount of a memory.
It is written to the site of IBM of Japan as follows.
in case of RAM < 1GB xMx=128MB,xMs=64MB
in case of 1GB <= RAM < 2GB xMx=256MB,xMS=128MB
in case of 2GB <= RAM xMx=512MB,xMs=256MB
17 years ago
Does ejsadmin belong to the Administrators group?
17 years ago
Hi all.
I think that I want to unload one servlet from a memory each time after processing of servlet ends.
Of course, this differs from action of ordinary servlet.But the end user desires it.
It does not act normally unless loads the middleware which he is using to a memory each time, he has said.
I do not know whether it is true.
And I think this thing is odd.
But if there is a method of unloading servlet from a memory by setup of WebSphere each time, I want to know it.
The cust uses was5.0 enterprise for unix.

[ February 06, 2003: Message edited by: Taro Yamada ]
17 years ago
You can get fixpack of was following url.
What do you use as a Web server?
A problem may be solved, if IBM HTTP Server is used and "afpa" will be turned OFF.
17 years ago
Thank you for your reply.
Yes. In WAS V5, I also think that Java console does not exist.
In other editions, if key in is done to "http://<hostname>:9090/admin" from a browser, I will think that I can use a admin console.
It seems that but a console does not start in express.
Is there any problem in my environment?
[ January 22, 2003: Message edited by: Taro Yamada ]
17 years ago
I am in trouble about the WebSphere5.0 express Linux edition.
It seems that admin console is not attached to this product.
When changing environment, is wsadmin used altogether?
17 years ago