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Greg Hanowski

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Recent posts by Greg Hanowski

I've inherited a huge java ws app but can't get it to compile and I’m at my wits end. Hoping you can offer some clues/ideas to get me past this hurdle…
Maven is telling me it can't find a class even though its right there in the local repo. I get the same error running in NetBeans on my windows box or using maven directly on the linux box.

Here is the pom.xml snippet that tells it where to look:

And yes, tools-1.7.jar and tools-1.7.pom are located in the local repo at
And if I look inside the jar with jar tf tools-1.7.jar I can see class
I also blew away the sun folder in my local repo and did a "Clean and Build" in NetBeans and watched the sun folder come back into my local repo, so I know the connectivity to the remote repo is good, at least on the windows box.
Any ideas why it doesn’t find it? I’ve googled endlessly with no joy.
4 years ago