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Sadik Kalia

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Recent posts by Sadik Kalia

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your study guide.
I am planning to give it and i am wondering how it was that difficult, because i saw that the exam topic were very limited. For example for JPA and Web Components there are just few topics if you compare with the specific certifications exam.
Is the difficulty related with the time you have?
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Sadik Kalia2016-12-06366 Bodgitt and Scarper 2.2.3OCMJEA
Su Weisi2016-08-24342 URLyBird 1.2.3Master of Science in Computer Science
Gino D. Ruperez2016-07-01352StoryBodgitt and Scarper 2.3.2MSCS Master of Science in Computer Science
Philippe Schweitzer2016-03-16344 Bodgitt and Scarper 2.1.1PMI-ACP
Martin Ilievski2016-03-14367 Bodgitt and Scarper 2.2.3That's it.
Christian Pflugradt2016-02-16364StoryBodgitt and Scarper 2.2.1Android
Michael Clare2015-11-05346 Bodgitt and Scarper 2.1.2CCP:DS and SCBCD
Jiri Kusa2015-03-19377 Bodgitt and Scarper 2.1.2OCMJEA
Amos Sekati2013-08-13389StoryBodgitt and Scarper 2.2.1OCMJEA
Paweł Baczyński2013-06-21377StoryURLyBird 1.2.3 
Michal Sustek2012-12-21386URLyBird 1.3.1Oracle bureaucracy - the most difficult task ;)
BJ Peter Delacruz2012-10-12362Bodgitt & ScarperBreak
Dennis Grimbergen2011-11-20371URLyBird 1.1.1JPA 2.0
Olga Voytovich2011-09-30N/A Bodgitt & ScarperOCE EE6 JSP and Servlet Developer
Youcef Saidani2011-09-22391StoryURLyBird 1.1.1OCPJDWS
Oladeji Oluwasayo2011-07-07N/A URLyBirdOCMJD
Greg Funston2011-03-17N/A URLyBird 1.1.1OCMJEA
Sebastien Chenevotot2011-03-04NA URLyBird 1.3.2A break, then SCWCBD or SCDJWS
Tim Sparg2011-01-14NA URLyBird 1.3.2 
Elchin Asgarli2011-01-07NAStoryURLyBird 1.1.1 
Piotr Nowicki2010-12-13 StoryURLyBird 1.1.1SCWCD
Oricio Ocle2010-11-03 StoryURLyBird 1.2.1SCEA 2/3
Nicolas Zozol2010-11-01NAStoryBodgitt & Scarper 
Axel Leucht2010-09-27  URLyBird 1.3.2 
Martin Krischik2010-08-18?/?StoryBodgitt & ScarperSCWCBD, SCWCD or SCDJWS
Allan Cheong2010-05-04?/? URLyBird 1.1.2SCWCD
Dick Smith2010-03-31390StoryURLyBird 1.3.1Watch this space
Harry Braley2010-02-10362Bodgitt & Scarper-2.3.2SCWCD
Achim Kretzschmar2010-01-08376StoryBodgitt & Scarper-2.3.2finish master degree
Naveen Narayanan2009-11-11385StoryURLyBird 1.2.2 
Johnny Barbosa2009-11-08391  Story (Relato)Bodgitt & Scarper-2.3.1SCBCD
Matheus Mendes2009-09-27384  StoryBodgitt & ScarperFinish university and get my SCWCBD and UML basic
Anne Crace2009-09-04385  StoryURLyBird 1.2.2Finish BS and MS degrees in Info Systems
Liviu Carausu2009-08-04374   Bodgitt & ScarperSCWCD
Artur Popov2009-08-20386   Bodgitt & ScarperSCBCD
Gert-Jan den Besten2009-08-01390  -Bodgitt & Scarper 2.3.3SCWCD
Yucca J Nel2009-06-02400   Bdgit & Scarper 2.1.1SCBCD
Roel De Nijs2009-06-12400StoryURLyBird 1.3.1 
Kyle Cheng2009-05-22380    URLyBird 1.1.2SCDJWS
Rajeev Chotai2009-05-18400    Bodgitt & Scarper 2.1.2SCBCD
K. Tsang2009-04-02362StoryURLyBird 1.3.1SCEA
Marc Kossa2009-05-05380StoryBodgitt and Scraper 2.2.3 
Alecsandru Cocarla2009-01-09398StoryURLyBird 1.1.2 
Kannan Ekanath2009-03-09383 Bodgitt & ScarperSCJDWS
Recep YALMAN2011-12-29377 Bodgitt & Scarper''
Sebastian Puzon2008-12-02381 UrlyBird 1.2.1SCBCD
Alejandro Sandoval Parra2008-11-24368 Bodgitt & Scarper 2.3.3SCWCD
Iván Párraga García  2008-10-31379 Bodgitt & Scarper 2.3.3SCWCD
Sean Beecroft2008-12-31377 Bodgitt & Scarper 2.2.3Vacation
Kah Tang2008-09-03375 Bodgitt & Scarper 2.2.3SCBCD
Alex Belisle Turcot2008-01-20354 Bodgitt & ScarperSCBCD
Jevgeni Zhukov2008-08-28354 URLyBird 1.2.1SCEA
Jose Luis Iturbide2008-08-28340 Bodgitt & ScarperSCEA5
Roberto Perillo2008-11-06383StoryURLyBird 1.3.1SCBCD
Jeffry Kristianto Yanuar2008-12-17365StoryURLyBird 1.3.2SCWCD or SCMAD
Stefan Meier2007-06-29382 URLyBird 1.3.3SCEA5 Upgrade
Tom Silverman2009-02-18381StoryURLyBird 1.3.3SCDJWS and SCMAD then SCEA
Oliver Hernandez2010-06-14400StoryURLyBird 1.2.2A Much Needed Break!

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3 years ago
Thank you for your response Pawel.
I was concerned because the name of the certification is "Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6 Developer" , and i thought i should use
JDK 6.

I am getting concerned about which version of the JDK i have to use. The instructions says : "You may develop your code using any implementation of the Java 2 platform, but the submission that you return must have been tested and shown to work under a production (not development) version of the Sun Microsystems' Java 2 platform and that platform must not have been superseded by a new production version for more than 18 months by the time you make your submission."  . Should i use the latest version of JDK 6 ?
Can anyone tell me which version of JDK should i use ?

Thank you

Hello Roel,

Thank you for your response. I was reading the Training on Demand FAQs and there it says that :"You have 90 days of access to your video course title from the day of purchase. Please note that this is the date of purchase, not the date of activation.". The link is  Global FAQs.
I wanted to know that if i do this training does it stays associated with my account as long as the training is available ? In other words if i do it now can i use it later for OCM Java Enterprise Architect ?
OCM Java Enterprise Architect link : OCM Java Enterprise Architect

Thank you,
Sadik Kalia

I just purchased the OCMJD assignment from Oracle and i was thinking about getting the UML course from Oracle as a requirement for OCMJD.
But it says there that i can access only 90 days the videos after i make the payment. Do i have to pay it again if submit my assignment after 90 days ?
I was concerned about that and did not know where to find some information since Oracle do not provide contact number for my country.

Thank you
Thanks both of you, and congratulations for the book.

I have just completed the OCA Java SE8 exam and i passed it.
I will start to study now for the OCP : Java SE8 exam, but i do not know what books to read.
Can anybody help me by telling what books to read ?

Thank you