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Evgeny Ageev

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since Jan 06, 2016
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Recent posts by Evgeny Ageev

In my Eclipse in Database Development view I run an SQL query like this:

or like this:

And it presented.

And my EntityManager don't want to see the 103696 record.

Answer your question about insert - I inserted 2 rows in Database Development with help insert query:

And what about flush - before it was not presented and some other methods too. I added them because code not worked.

@Transactional was not presented. Then I added it, nothing was changed.

I was going to Google and see what my problem is not unique. Many people was collided with this problem for many years.
I don't know what to do with it.
7 months ago
I have a project on Spring Boot (v. 2.0.5), Hibernate (v. 5.2.17), Ehcache, Flyway, Solr.
There is the Problem with Hibernate:

Please, help me anybody!
I can not deal with this problem for 2 weeks. Concluded that the Hibernate is not convenient, unlike the JdbcTemplate and Jdbc.
7 months ago