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Recent posts by Nil. Hatamova

Bear Bibeault wrote:

Nil. Hatamova wrote:But it doesnt solve problem.

What is the problem?

It is UTF-8 encoding problem.In website i used unicode characters. But on a Tomcat server, utf-8 characters get mangled.
3 years ago
I used servlet for create login session. When i  enter username and password servlet call  home.jsp page. Then all other jsp pages have same problem.i add  code for all of them. But it doesnt solve problem. Please help me
3 years ago

Hi friends.
I want to create web page . In login page i want create sessions for users and admin. But i have error. My query doesnt give result. is not true

3 years ago
Is this  discount for  all Oracle exams?  I passed OCA8 . And now i want to take OCP8. Is it available for me?
Hi. I passed OCAJP 8 with 81%. Now i want to prepare OCPJP 8 (1z0-808) . Which books must i use?
This code gives compile error. But i cant find why?

Hi friends . I have two code. I dont know what is difference between them. The first one is a mock question from Mala Gupta book. I selected the answer is Java Java . But it is wrong.

Output :

Then i change code like this for check answer is same or not. But it isn't same. Why?

It confused me when i must use return statement in lamda expressions. Is it required or optional? In Study Guide (Jeanne and Scott) said return is required in block. Also they said there is compile error because of return in this code:

But there are some questions in Ethuware about select correct lambda expressions. The correct answers are lambda expressions without return statement. Only with semi-colons like this:

So i dont catch when i must use return in block
Hi friends!
What is the difference between these codes?

Why in the second code s1 does not change but in the first code it changes?
1.output is one two three
2.output is one two one three

But i thought output for second code will be "one two one two three";
Thanks Roel, for your explanation.. I hope i will be careful for exam
Hi friends
This test confused me . I know about finalize() method not guaranteed to run. finalize() method for any object might run but also it might not run. System.gc() also not guaranteed to run. But the test ( in OCA: Oracle
Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide ) didnt take C and F as correct answer. And i dont know what is difference between B and C , also E and F. I selected all these four variants. Right answer is B and E

A. finalize() is guaranteed to be called.
B. finalize() might or might not be called
C. finalize() is guaranteed not to be called.
D. Garbage collection is guaranteed to run.
E. Garbage collection might or might not run.
F. Garbage collection is guaranteed not to run.
G. The code does not compile.
Thanks Friends Now it is really clear to me
Hi. There is a question in enthuware which asked "Which of these statements are true?" .One of the correct answers is :

Each object of a class has its own copy of each non-static member variable.

But i don't understand exactly meaning of this sentence. please explain it for me
Hi Andreas!
I think it will be one of the most interesting books about AWS cloud
4 years ago
Oh No Sorry
I hope i will not do the same in exam. I need to be more carefully