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Ádám Balogh

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since Jan 29, 2016
OCAJP 7, 93% [2016.01.28]
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Recent posts by Ádám Balogh

Enrique M. Talavera wrote:Congratulations!

Did you receive the java card?

Thank you!
No, I haven't received anything. Oracle stopped posting hard printed copies in february, and I know nothing about Java cards. Are these things still available? :]
3 years ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:Wow! That is amazing   Haven't seen anyone post 100% score in a while here.
We are happy for your success and to know that our mock exams were helpful in your preparation.

Thank you :] I forgot to mention the leitner mode in the Enthuware software, which is brilliant :]

Dana Ucaed wrote:Wow!!!

Great score!

How many years do you have experience in Java?

Thanks :]  I only have 3 years and 5 months of experience as a Java programmer, but I'm a Java enthusiast :]
3 years ago
I passed the OCPJP 8 Upgrade exam with 100%. My preparation took nearly 3 months, which I took very seriously. I used the following resources:
-Java 8 In Action (This book is really useful, I recommend it for every candidate)
-Mikalai notes
-Enthuware mock exam software (it helped me a lot, just like earlier when I faced the OCAJP7 and OCPJP7 exams)

During the preparation, my enthuware standard test scores were the following:
-Standard Test I. 64%
-Standard Test I. 81% (One week later I repeated the first exam without checking the right answers after the first attempt)
-Standard Test II. 85%

The actual exam itself is usually easier than these enthuware mock exams, so that was a good sign and I was confident. The real exam took me 2,5 hours, I had enough time to check my answers over again before I was finished.
When I saw the results later that day I almost couldn't believe my eyes, I aced the 1z0-810 test.

My next step is to sharpen my Spring and Spring Boot skills, and read a few new books about Software Engineering.
3 years ago

Sergej Smoljanov wrote:Congratulations

thank you :]
4 years ago
Hello everyone!
I passed the OCPJP 7 exam with 95% on 2016.07.04, and I would like to share with you a few things about my experiences. Five months after my OCAJP 7 exam, I felt ready for this new challenge. My OCA exam’s score was 93%, so I had solid fundamentals before I started the preparation.

Used resources:
-OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates (also known as K&B7). I read this book twice, and while reading it, I took a lot of notes.
-Mala Gupta’s mock test
-Enthuware mock exams:
Test1 78%
Test2 83%
Test3 83%
Test4 89%
Test5 85%
Test6 86%
Last Day Unique Test 82%

The real exam was easier than these enthuware mock exams, so if you have good scores during your preparation, I think you’ll be all right :]
4 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:Hi Ádám Balogh,

First of all, a warm welcome to CodeRanch!

Ádám Balogh wrote:I passed OCAJP 7 few days ago with 93%

Congratulations! Don't forget to add your name to the OcajpWallOfFame. And maybe you can create a topic in the Certification Results forum as well and share your experiences about preparing for and taking the exam.

Kind regards,

Thank you Campbell Ritchie, Roel De Nijs,
I added myself to the Wall of Fame (I have been waiting for this since I saw it ), this forum helped me a lot, so thank you all :]
Hello everyone!
I passed OCAJP 7 few days ago with 93%, my next step is OCPJP7. This course sounds great, I would like to join if it is still possible :]