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Recent posts by UPENDRA KANE

The List seems to be good!!
21 years ago
These all are Qs from Mughal's book and you will find a neat explanation of these Qs overe there.
You said it!!..
Now that's what I am looking for -- a good job where I will be able to explore - if not all then at least good many - possibilities the current technology offers...
I know that just Certification is no good. And although I have a programming experience (C, C++ & a lot on a Proprietary Control Systems & Databases) frankly do not know where to start for a Java Job.. Any tips?
Moderators, I know this Q is not really related to the topic of this Discussion thread ..
JavaRanch Management,
Sorry about breaking the rule of not posting a real exam Q.
I was just angree and wanted to let it out I guess...
How do you let SUN know this?? so that at least some action can be taken...
Cleared SCJP2 yesterday - 89%. Thanks Javaranch & Maha-Anna Moc Exam page.
The exam was pretty much easy, couple of codes ranging to 22 lines otherwise whatever codes were there, were of about 6 -8 lines.
However, there was a clearly wrong Q !! It went like this...
[Question text deleted. Real exam questions may not be reproduced on JavaRanch. Thank you. - the Management]
Otherwise also, I am having this problem. When I completed the exam, I had ample time to go back & check all Qs & was satisfied that I had answered all OK. But as it turned out, I had answered 6 Q wrong. Now, Just by the summary how would I know?

[This message has been edited by Jim Yingst (edited November 08, 2000).]
This code is actually a part of a bigger code. I had declared i2 in the Package Level Class. Thanks anyway...
Mary & Suresh, Thanks for pointing out the obvious mistake.
I guess, after a while I suffer from attacks of Code Blindness!

Agree with Viji.
Furhter, options 2 & 3 reference to 'waiting' threads. A waiting thead can be put into 'Ready to Run' State only by calling notify() or notyfyAll() methods of the Object, on which the waiting thread was having a lock before it went in to wait.
Sorry, the wording is rather convoluted...
Correction. What I wanted to write was, This code is NOT getting compiled.
While I was trying to check different possibilities related to Inner Classes, I tried this code & it can be compiled with S.O.P. Statement inside the inner class? Compiler gives error message as 'identifier expected'??
I am not able to decide the reasoning behind it? Please help...
I compiled the class & was expecting error as the member class was abstract. However, it got compiled?
So, only if member methods as abstract, then only you need to declare top class as abstract?
Sunita's example looks perfectly alright to me.
You say, she used constructor. Constrctors to have same name as class. Where is that her code?
& the name you are referring to is the Interface reference.
Please fire responses if you guru's there think I am wrong...
None of the replies are clear or do not make sence to me.
I completely agree with Kav's explaination given at the begining, but, the result does not make sence.
Umang, if you use
int J=0, I=0;
J=I++, then
J is printed as 0 & I is printed as 1. This is perfectly logical.Because, I's value is assigned to J before increamenting hence J is 0 & then I is increamented hence, I is 1.
But when I=I++ is done, using above explaination, I's value is assigned to I before increamenting (i.e. 0) then I is increamented which should be 1??
I am yet to check the other post referred by Laxmi. Hope there are some explanations more clear.
I remains 0?
Sorry, for posting a stupid Q. I should have checked with the API documentation before posting the Q.
You are correct. I was comparing Apple with Orange...
Thanks for the responces...
I tried this code. I was expecting answer to be True in both cases. But NO?? equals() methode of Wrapper classes checks the contents of the object isn't it?
Where am I making mistake? Any thoughts??
Long l=new Long(10);
Integer i = new Integer(10);
if (l.equals(i)) {System.out.println("True");}
else System.out.println("l-i flase");
if (i.equals(l)) {System.out.println("True");}
else System.out.println("i-l flase");
to come to think of it,
the class heirarchy will be Object ->Object Array
Thanks Ajith..