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Srini vempuluru

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since Aug 21, 2002
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Recent posts by Srini vempuluru

I passed the web services exam yesterday. I don't have experience in webservices. I felt it was tough exam which i took so far. I got many questions on security and UDDI.

I used the following material for preparation

MZ study guide and quiz - Very good. made my prepartion easy
RMH book - good one
Blue prints

I spent 3weeks with 5hrs each day for preparation
18 years ago
I tried this and send email to both id's. But i didn't get it. If anyone have a copy of it, please send it to me.
I am preparing for the SCDJWS exam. Please let me know how and where to get the MZ SCDJWS 1.4 Quiz
I need to convert a rtf or pdf document into an image programatically from java application. If there is any tool which provides api for conversion, please let me know

I am generating a word document with table of contents using itext. The table of contents are visible only when i select the content and press F9. So I wrote a macro to do that. I would like to invoke this macro programatically after the report is generated by itext.
19 years ago

Is it possible to run a word macro on a word document from java application? If yes, could u please provide some sample code.

19 years ago
I would like to append a file to an existing zip file using ZipOutputStream. Please provide some sample code to do that. I used the following code.
BufferedInputStream fileNameToBeAppended= new BufferedInputStream(
new FileInputStream(tempFileName), BUFFER);
ZipOutputStream zipOS = new ZipOutputStream(
new FileOutputStream(",true));
zipFile = new ZipEntry(tempFileName);
int count;
while ((count =, 0, BUFFER)) != -1) {
zipOS.write(data, 0, count);
The above code is overriding the existing zip file with the new file instead of appending.
20 years ago
I have an xml in the following format.
<Name> Srini </Name>

I wrote an xsl to retrieve the content of Address node
<xsl:template match="Employee">
<xsl:value-of select="Address"/>
The above lines are retrieving the value as "VA" instead of <State>VA</State>.
Please let me know is there any way to retrieve the child tags also.
Thanks in advance.