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Recent posts by Thomas Haze

This book appears to be very timely as I am just starting out with a web-based application that will require Java Script code.
I see from the cover of the book that there are 50+ examples which I am looking forward to trying out to give me ideas for my application.

I don't want my application to use old fashion HTML tables.  Does this book go into details on how to implement modern web page designs?  

Good luck on your book.

Greeting Ric.
Thanks for hanging out at the ranch.
I took an introduction to penetration testing class and it primarily dealt with using Kali Linux with Metasploit.
I didn't feel like I got enough information about what I need to know to find network and system vulnerabilities and more importantly how to mitigate the vulnerability.
If a person is considering a career change to be a pen-tester, I don't think it's enough to just know how to use tools already written that attempt to exploit known vulnerabilities.
Can you please describe the types of skills a pen-tester must have to be marketable?
3 years ago
I have been a software engineer for many years primarily working in C++.
I have just started working on a web application project where I need to write front end Java code that will interact with back end C++ code.
As I am still new to Java, I feel a bit frustrated working in Java since I find situations where it seems too restrictive compared to C++ which gives users the ability to pass pointers to methods for easy data manipulation.

It could be that I am no longer thinking like a modern day computer scientist and instead rely on old school manual memory management.
I would like to know if your book would help a C++ programmer like me get up to speed with Java to be more productive?
4 years ago