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I forgot to mention that I also got a question about JDBC updateRow() that as far as I know is not covered in the book. I saw somebody else also mention this on the forum that he got such a question.
It was an interesting one where the connection was SCROLL_INSENSITIVE and CONCUR_UPDATABLE and there where two resultsets with the same data and the row was updated in one resultset and you had to figure out if the changes of the updated row was visible in both resultsets.

BTW I understand that what I have seen on a single exam doesn't say a lot about if those questions really are not on the exam at all, because each exam is a different selection of question out of a large pool I suppose.

It's always frustrating that from all the things you have learned only a small subset is asked on the real exam, but of course you don't know which so you have to learn them all. For example I only got a single question about the ForkJoinPool while I spent quite some time learning the specifics there. I also did not get any question about the daylight saving time. Most questions included lambda's and streams but also tested other topics like File IO in a single question.

One question had a lambda with a double arrow something like: IntFunction<IntUnaryOperator> test = a -> b -> a + b; that I haven't seen in the book and also not in any mock exams. But those are the exceptions 99% of the exam is in the book and on the mock exams.
I took the exam today and I passed with a score of 88%

Of the topics listed above I got one question about FileInputStream.ready() and another question about the StandardOpenOption enum. I didn't get any questions on the other topics.

To prepare I took all the enthuware mock exams and was scoring around 75% on the last ones. So the book and the enthuware mock exams definitely are a good method to prepare for the real exam which is slightly easier.
Sure Scott I submitted my review on the Amazon site.
4 years ago
I agree Scott it probably isn't worth the effort to go through all the differences between the book and the mock exams. We should not forget that the majority of the questions are correct. I have to say that with the mock OCA exam there where also small differences.

Indeed I can't say that I remember all the classes and methods that are described in the book. Probably nobody does, I think it is nearly impossible to score 100% on the real exam. That is also not the goal off course, the goal is passing the exam.

Thanks for your feedback.

Scott Selikoff wrote:Serialization with ObjectInputStream/ObjectOutputStream are definitely in the book... I think we wrote 6-7 pages on the subject

In the book the Object ObjectInputStream#readObject() and the void ObjectOutputStream#writeObject(Object obj) are covered. The Enthuware question is however about adding the following methods to the object itself that you are serializing deserializing e.g. the Animal class:

Which as far as I can see are not covered in the book.

Scott Selikoff wrote:We cover SQL driver versions extensively in Chapter 10

Yes but the question is about SQL standards such as SQL92, SQL99, SQL:2003 it is not about JDBC 3 or JDBC 4 drivers and how you should load them that indeed is covered in the book.
I passed the OCA 8 exam about two months ago with 92%.

I used the OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 by Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff. While studying I did not use an IDE. While reading the book I tried to write example code to test each thing I learned. I also tried to always ask "what happens when I change this?" to learn some of the edge cases. I wrote a summary of all the things that where new to me.

After I completed the book I used the Enthuware mock exams to prepare myself for the test. I read my summary before take each mock exam. I scored pretty bad on the first one, I knew I had to learn and practice a bit more. On the later mock exams I was scoring around 80% then I took the real exam and scored 92%.

I would recommend using the book and the Enthuware mock exams both helped me a lot in preparing for the exam. In total it took me about 2 - 3 months.

I'm currently preparing to take the OCP exam.
4 years ago
I updated the test bank and just took the second Enthuware mock exam and this time I got 15 questions that are not specifically mentioned in the book. Although some of them are about classes and topics listed in the exam objectives so it will be difficult to determine wheter they are or are not on the real exam because the exam objectives are not very specific.

  • boolean ConcurrentMap.replace(K key, V oldValue, V newValue) enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1101
  • FileInputStream.ready() enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1794
  • Compiling old source code that uses assert as the name of an identifier, in 1.4 assert became a keyword e.g. using javac -source 1.3 enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1384 and enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1322
  • List#subList enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1877 although you could argue that this is such a basic method a developer should know about this
  • volatile keyword enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1730
  • About what happens when you do a resultSet.getString(“AMOUNT”); when the SQL data type of the column is FLOAT. enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1155
  • IntStream.boxed() IntStream.sequantial() enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1896
  • CallableStatement en PreparedStatement enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1372, enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1356
  • Serialization using readObject(ObjectInputStream is) and writeObject(ObjectOutputStream os) in a serializable class for custom behavior enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1389
  • FileVisitResult enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1219
  • What SQL standard a JDBC compliant driver must implement enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1376
  • Connection.setAutoCommit() and Connection.commit() enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1160
  • Even though it is in the category 14 - Not In Syllabus I still got enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1432 in my Standard Test 2. The question is about DateFormat and NumberFormat

  • Of course it could also be that some of the items in the list are actually in the book. I tried to check that by going through the index and the parts of the book that handled the subjects.
    Please note that Paul / Enthuware has updated the question bank for the OCP 8 test exams.

    The question about the topics listed in the first post of this thread are no longer included in the standard tests. They are moved to a separate category so that users can still use them if they want too. This means that when you take the standard mock exams you will only get questions that you should be able to answer if you have followed the book.

    Thanks Paul for providing a very quick solution for this issue!
    Congratulation Jackson.

    Do you remember getting any questions about the topics listed in this thread?
    4 years ago
    Great score Mac!

    Do you remember getting any questions about topics listed in this thread?
    4 years ago
    Thanks Scott for your answer. I want to respect everybody's opinion on this matter. It seems that Enthuware / Paul says that users reported seeing questions about those topics on the real exam that is why they include them in the test bank. Scott says that he and Jeanne did not see any questions about those topics on the exams they took and think they are not on the exam.

    Any feedback from users who recently toke the 1Z0-809 exam would be very helpful at this point. Especially if they have seen any question about those topics or not. I hope we can get some feedback about this from users who have already taken the exam or are about to take it. I will add my own feedback when I'm ready to take the examen which will probably be in 4 - 6 weeks time.

    I want to thank everybody for the responses so far.
    I used the OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide book from Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff to prepare myself for the 1Z0-809 exam. I'm now using the Enthuware mock exams to further prepare myself. However after taking the first Enthuware mock exam I got 13 questions about topics that are not in the book.

    I asked Enthuware about this in this post. Basically they included those questions because they got feedback from users who took the 1Z0-809 exam and reported getting questions about these topics.

    Here is a list of the topics:
  • RandomAccessFile
  • DataInputStream
  • volatile keyword
  • StandardOpenOption enum
  • wait() yield() notify() notifyAll()
  • ResultSetMetaData
  • SimpleDateFormat and Date
  • FileSystem.getRootDirectories and FileSystem.listRoots

  • Note that this list is only after taking one Enthuware exam there might be more topics in the other mock exams that I haven't taken yet. Some topics are also not mentioned in the Oracle Exam Topics list or at least not explicitly. Some things like the SimpleDateFormat and Date classes are mentioned in the book as the old way of doing things that should not be on the real exam.

    I would like to know from users who actually took the exam if they remember getting questions about these topics?

    I also would like to ask the authors of the book how they decided which topics to include in the book? Did they only go by the list of topics as posted on the Oracle site or did they receive more detailed information or actual exam questions?