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Recent posts by yogesh doshi

Liutauras Vilda wrote:Please always quote the source where the question comes from.

Also, please tell us the answer/-es you think are correct ones.

I have already mentioned n the question i was thinking correct answer as == & equal
Why == will not be printed can anyone help me with this question??Does += return String object or String from pool??

I am facing this issue on Java version 1.8.0_101
Why below cod is invalid??

Henry Wong wrote:Well, if the code is executing a return from method -- meaning it is done with the method -- why would it continue to run the next lines of the method?

Thanks Henry ..I was in wrong perception that return will return from switch block....Thanks for clearing my doubt
Why below code is not allowed

I got following question on Kalpan Self Test for 1Z0-803 Can anyone help me out for the same??

Which of the following statements are true I ticked wrong answer and correct answer was following please look into image for more detais

Reference type casting :the target type must be object type or a valid supertype

Thanks in advance.
Why printing value of b2 give value as 64 how??

Answer is three@henry

yogesh doshi wrote:What will be the output of the same

What will be the output of the same

Why below code is valid it even do not throw any runtime exception??