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Hey Eric, Bear, and Salooners
I have a question about cookie saving. Is it possible to save an array as the value of a cookie without concatenating the array properties as a string? Thanks in advance
strangely \\n and \\' work!
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I just figured out the problem. It is illegal to use the new space characters \n in a string. Or at least when you insert the string as a property to be alerted in an onklick.
Any way to work around this? It looks really bad without spaces. lol I also can't use the ' character. Even if I escape it, when it is written to the page, I will need to escape it there as well yet the escape character is removed! lol
I am using a DIV with an ID as a container for my javascript string of html code. I first created a blank variable and assigned a string of html code to it. I then changed the value of the DIV's innerHTML property so that it equals the value of my new variable string.
The problem is when I try to include an alert within my string of html code. If I write:

even though my alert is in string format with parenthesis, the javascript expects me to call the alert directly then. Unfortunately, I need to escape the alert so that it will only be called when I actually click the image after the html code has been written to the page.
Please help this poor soul lol
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How frustrating. JSP and ASP programming languages: How different are they in relation to JavaScript? Are they object oriented languages?
Can I use my JavaScript function to return the data and then send that data to my database using JSP? Or do I have to start from scratch using JSP?
Maybe you could navigate me to a tutorial website for JSP or ASP?
I want my server to execute a JavaScript that randomly chooses properties from a previously defined array list to create a new list of random properties. I am very familiar with client-side JavaScript but I know that this script must be run from server-side if the newly returned list is to remain the same. Otherwise, if it was run from client-side, it would always change randomly and every client would have a different list.
So, I have two questions. 1) Is Server-Side JavaScript only supported by Netscape or is it also supported by Internet Explorer? 2) What code would I have to write to store my new list of values onto the server for everyone to see without it being changed? If I wrote a client-side cookie, the values would be stored yet each client would have a different version.
I am very confused, please help
I have made an excellent image for my website. Unfortunately, when displayed through Internet Explorer 6.0, it renders the image using MonitorRGB settings which looks less accurate to the actual display in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop uses WindowsRGB defaultly.
So my question is: If possible, How can I make the browser display my image with WindowsRGB instead? Or would this cause some kind of error to users who don't have Windows?
[ July 27, 2003: Message edited by: Michael McNally ]
In internet explorer, you can edit the onclick value of a checkbox object. But, in netscape, I had trouble getting the simplest of functions to be invoked. Are you sure you want to write each node like that? Instead of making new elements, why not create a string such as: var myField = ""; and then adding/removing html code from it when necessary like this.
Relax Bear. The problem is easily fixed by removing the onSubmit handler and adding the same function within the onclick handler of the submit button itself.
[ July 27, 2003: Message edited by: Michael McNally ]
Regarding input data manipulation: there is no difference. Of course, there is an obvious visibility difference. If you want to use the menu, I recommend what bear has said. Either add to the current function that opens the menu or create an addition function that toggles the display of the select objects.
here is a script you can use. simply add this to the onmouseover handler of the menu...
i am not 100% sure on this one. But, I believe the first step is creating a name for the window where the form is located. place this code in that page...

next, in the frame that will invoke the function, you must call function by first accessing the window name and then by accessing the form name like this...

Make sure you name your form like this...
The way I see it, isTaxable should be true in all scopes if the form.TAXABLE property exists. Correct?
Perfect Form! Toggles the display of all listed arguments without any flaws.
I just made an even larger improvement