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Recent posts by Yujun Liang

Thank you. Not as good selling as yours though.
7 years ago
Thank you. I have 17 years of experience in Java and I wrote a Selenium Book using Java 8, so I have the knowledge already. Taking the exam was just need some memory refresh so I could have done it quickly.


7 years ago
Thank you. You did a great job of writing the study books and they are the only material I used for the preparation. I worked on Java for 17 years so I knew lots of stuff already, the preparation was just to refresh the memory and understand what kind of tricks the exams use and become familiar with the style of the questions and set a pace. I did have 20 minutes left for the professional exam and spend some time reviewing the answer. It is much hard than the associate one. I wanted to finished it last year so it is a bit rush considering I spent 4 days on the associate as well. It is definitely under-prepared.
7 years ago
Thank you. I heard good thing about your website and the price is really good at $9.99, But I just didn't have time to do it. I am satisfied with this passing score especially I only spent 4 days on it. I did manage to read the books twice and practice their exercises as well. However I didn't have time to finish checking the result of the third practice exam before I started to drive to the test center.
7 years ago
Actually, why not take 1Z0-808? It is newer for Java 8
I started working on Java in 1999 and I got my first Java certification in 2000, that's 16 years ago!

I got all 5 AWS Certifications this year!

Then I look back, Java has changed so much. I planned to get certified in Java 8.

I am on vacation now so I started preparing for it. I started reading Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff's book on 12/23/2016 and passed OCA on 12/27/2016.

Then I started reading OCP and passed the OCP today!

I booked the exam yesterday and the normal site was fully booked so I had to drive to a new exam center but it was OK.


Besides the experience I had in Java 8, and Java Docs API, these books are the only materials I read. I read, practiced and tried to understand why I made mistakes.

I passed OCA at 91% and OCP at 86% on a preparation of 4 days each.
7 years ago
You may want to read Enterprise JavaBean from Rich Monson-Haefel, I am not saying this is a good book but I found some concept is tested by IBM so it will be helpful.
And take the ICE test from IBM, for both 483 and 158, any J2EE related test is helpful from ICE, good luck.
[ October 30, 2002: Message edited by: Yujun Liang ]
I noticed that there are more jobs associated with WebSphere than WebLogic in US. But since you have WebLogic experience, I think you should do WebLogic first, and I did that.
Passed IBM-483, Enterprise Connectivity with J2EE today.
So I became a BEA Certified Enterprise Developer
I passed 4 exams,
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Enterprise Connectivity
BEA WebLogic Server 7
Simply put, a Session Facade can be used to do Business Delegate.
You can read the defination from Sun for these two patterns, http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/restricted/patterns/J2EEPatternsAtAGlance.html,
The Session Fa�ade is used by the Business Delegate when the client requests access to business services. The Business Delegate proxies or adapts the client request to a Session Fa�ade that provides the requested service.

Registration required to access it.
If you search job site is US, you will know that there are 50% more job associated with WebSphere. I don't know your experience, right now, WebSphere can be used to utilize Mainframe recources and even WebLogic also has the connector but I guess people are likely to go for IBM for that part. My 2 cents.
I passed today with 76% also. It is good to know that so many people are interested in learning UML.
Thanks to Bala and people post your results here. You made me confident to take the test instead of studying over and over again.
I am targeting IBM enterprise developer and I am sure I can pass 483 very soon.
A better place for UML