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Andrey Zolotukhin

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Recent posts by Andrey Zolotukhin

A bit additional info, if i run app on server from eclipse, its works fine.
That makes me not understanding this situaution with settings in web.xml.
Thanks for uour reply.

I added
" <welcome-file-list>
in my web.xml. Then i tryed to launch the app -> forbidden again. Then i added index.html file near StaticTime.jsp. And i still get this error.
Hello everyone.
I was faced with the EAR file deploy wildfly 10 problem. I got an application with ejb module and web module. And all this is under EAR. i got maven to control all plugins and dependencys.

When i packaging my ear project with "mvn package" all good, and project builds successfully. I even copy that ear file to wildfly "10.0.0\standalone\deployments" without any problems. My application deploys with no errors. But when im trying to get on my site, i got Forbidden error.

who can tell me where im wrong?

link on github -

if someone want, i can copy source to this topic.