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Recent posts by Eddie Cross

This is what my table in the database looks like.


I'm fetching them from the database and I want to save value corresponding to 1, 2 and 3 in separate lists. I know (maybe!) Map<Key, List<Integer>> is what I need but I don't know how to do it.
Output expected is:

Code is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Here's what I have:

The above code limits the user to input 3 characters and only numbers [0-9]. How can I set maximum value of the textfield to just 255. Any number input that exceeds 255 should be replaced by 255.
Thanks in advance.
4 years ago
This is the code that I'm running.

I have just 2 of them. I don't know where is the code getting those interfaces from. What do I do?
Thanks in advance.
Hello all,

Is there a charting library with a date-time axis. I'll be providing the timestamp in Long millis. If the charting API itself can convert it to the dd:mm:yy hh:mm:ss format, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.
4 years ago

Hello all,

I have a JavaFX standalone Jar application running on Windows. Most of the time the app runs smoothly and closes properly. But sometimes, I can see it running in the background and then I have to close it through the task manager. What I want is, when I close application, it should kill all the processes and shouldn't be running in the background.

Thanks in advance.
4 years ago
Hello all,

I have a hardware which has sensors connected to it. The sensor data is picked up the hardware and sent to a router through wifi. On the software side, I have a JavaFX application which shows the sensor values obtained from multiple sensors and gives the option to plot a graph for which you can select any sensor data you want. The hardware sends sensor data corresponding to the epoch unix time which is milliseconds (ex.  1467298662 ). The x-axis of the graph shows the timestamp but i have a code written for converting the epoch unix timestamp to a dd:mm:yy hh:mm:ss format (String) which slows down or causes a little lag in the plotting process.

Is there any charting API for my standalone application which takes this unix timestamp and converts it into the dd:mm:yy hh:mm:ss format . I don't care if the API converts it into string internally because that'll be faster IMO.

Please help.
Thanks in advance!
4 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Whenever the control value changes?

It updates every second so, yes whenever the control value changes. Can I do this using node.js?

Bear Bibeault wrote:(This seems to be related to your other question, so I may end up closing this topic if they get too similar.)

No problem. I understand.

Thank you
I have a textbox displaying dynamic data which changes every second. How can I save this value to my database? Here's the javascript code:

Thanks in advance.
I have a real time updating flotchart and I want to show the currently plotted y-axis value in a textbox. I am new to JavaScript. This is my code:

Once it gets displayed in the textbox, will be able to fetch the number using getParameter() method in the Servlet?

This is the css file:
I just looked up a few examples on Highcharts. Found exactly what I needed. I also tried it out and it works perfectly!

Thank you Sir Bear Bibeault.
4 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Applets are obsolete and disabled by default in most browsers.

Most server-side charting options seem to focus on writing the chart to an image, and then statically displaying that image in an HTML page. This is obviously limiting as it precludes real-time interaction with the chart.

That is why the modern approach is to send the data to the page, where JavaScript can be used to create interactive charts. There are any number of packages that make this pretty easy such as Highcharts, or Flot charts, or a bunch of others that you can search for. If you are somewhat masochistic, you can look at D3.

Why did you choose a desktop technology such as JavaFX if your intent was to show the chart on the web?

Hello Bear, thanks for such a quick response. The thing is I've been told to use JavaFX for the chart. I understood what you said completely. I am now thinking about using Jfreecharts. The Javafx code posted earlier plots random number so what I did is I wrote a random number generator in Javascript. This is the script part.

Now can I use this value as the input to my Jfreechart or Highcharts?
4 years ago
I am new to JavaFX and I'm currently working on a project where I have to embed a JavaFX area chart in a Web application using JSP. This is my java code for the area chart which runs perfectly when run as a Java application.

I also packaged the application as a JAR applet which also runs perfectly but when I try to embed it in the JSP using the <applet > tag, it doesn't show up because it is unsigned. All I get is "Error. Click for details" in red.
This is my applet tag

Can someone please explain how I can display this chart on the JSP. Thanks in advance.
4 years ago